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Ryann Collins

Odds and Ends

Take two! Dave Matthews Band films new music video on 14th Street Yesterday the crew of the Dave Matthews Band's new music video magically transformed a house on 14th Street into a set.

Yourth-Fears adopt Nar Bight

For fourth years who made a showing at the Biltmore Bar and Grill last night, at some point you probably glanced down at the orange cup clenched in your hand and read the words aloud to yourself. Nar Bight. You said it again, just to make sure your reading skills didn't truly waste away to nothing over the summer. Nar Bight. And then it registered, and a knowing look crossed over your face. "You can't fool a Wahoo," the cup boasts on the back.

Legal Labor of Love

It's a love story, of sorts, involving one Northwestern Law School graduate (Andy Block), one University alumnus (his wife), 15 University law students (his pupils), and hundreds of children (his clients), revolving around one organization - the JustChildren Program. Andy Block was working with legal services for kids in a public defender's office in Seattle when he fell in love with a University alum (CLAS '89) and social worker from Charlottesville.

Trekker blazes trail in Patagonia

(This is a first-person account of the author's experiences during a month-long trip to South America.) Over Winter Break I went, quite literally, to the end of the world - the tip of South America.

Fountain of Truth

They were standing at the entrance of Dumlupinar University in northern Turkey when the University Rector Dr. Hakki Duger made his announcement. "I want to make you a gift," he said. A crew of six faculty from the University's satellite school, the College at Wise, had just spent two weeks visiting Dumlupinar University and its surrounding town Kutahya in the summer of 1999.

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