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Seth Croft

A dark cloud of distrust

I am disheartened and disgusted that Ms. Dragas remains on the Board of Visitors. She has betrayed the trust of thousands and soiled the University’s reputation worse than anyone in recent memory, and perhaps, in the University’s history.

Not fine by me

"GAY? FINE by Me" is not fine. The term "gay" is neither inclusive nor representative of the diverse sexual orientations and gender identities that make up what we commonly call the "queer community" at the University.

Clarifying the partner benefits referendum

LAST WEEK while conducing endorsement interviews for Queer & Allied Activism, I was shocked when a candidate for the Honor Committee asked me if I supported Student Council's resolution supporting domestic partner benefits, implying that it might have been an effort to make members of Council look good before elections this spring.

CDC reports 54 new college HIV incidents

HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, has long been considered a problem affecting urban areas. But now the deadly virus is popping up increasingly on Southern college campuses.

Students engaging in anal sex at higher risk for STIs

There's an urban myth that anal sex can result in pregnancy. But according to Chris Peterson, a doctor at the University's Student Health Center, it is just that -- a myth. Peterson acknowledged, however, that "anal sex often accompanies vaginal sex," and pregnancy can result from the latter. Although anal sex may not carry a risk of pregnancy, it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

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