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Tom Christensen

For LGBTQ persons, searching for solutions (Gay at U.Va.: Part III)

In accordance with the University's ongoing progress toward building a more LGBTQ-friendly community, professors, students and alumni within the University's LGBTQ communities have called upon leaders within the University to actively seek to improve the quality of life for LGBTQ students and faculty, naming several important issues that University officials need to confront. A queer studies major? One topic on the minds of many within the LGBTQ communities is the issue of a queer studies major or minor, which currently does not exist at the University. "If a university is about learning and scholarship, we're really showing a lack of faith in the LGBTQ community if we don't offer a major or minor," said Sean Kennedy, who graduated from the University in 2000. Calling the University "world class," Psychology Prof.

Gay at U.Va.: Part II

[caption id="attachment_44927" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Z society showed its solidarity with the LGBTQ communities with a multicolored display of its prominent symbol.

Gay at U.Va.: Part I

When Ellen Bass, an associate professor in the department of Systems and Information Engineering, came to the Charlottesville in 2002 with her partner and son, she had to overcome a huge financial hurdle. “It cost me thousands of dollars to be a gay person,” Bass said, recounting, “I didn’t get moving benefits for my partner, I didn’t get help to find my partner a job, I couldn’t insure her or her son with my health benefits” – options that a heterosexual employee of the University would enjoy. The University’s current equal opportunity and affirmative action statement, which was updated as recently as January 6, 2011, includes sexual orientation on a long list of traits that the University disregards while administrating its programs, procedures and practices.

Police pursue necklace leads

Virginia State Police said last week the necklace worn by slain Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington has not yet been recovered. When police initially reported Harrington missing in October 2009, they emphasized the unique characteristics of the Swarovski necklace she wore in hopes that the necklace's physical description would help with recovery efforts, Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller said. "We released information early on because it was distinctive," Geller said.

Suspect attempts daytime burglary

A male individual reported an attempted robbery that occurred at 1 p.m. yesterday near the Women's Center and the Old Medical School, according to the University Police department. The suspect reportedly sprayed the victim in the eyes with an aerosol can before attempting to steal the victim's bag, the press release stated.

Police charge man for faking robbery

The Charlottesville Police Department charged Braden MacPherson, a 19-year-old Charlottesville resident, with filing a false police report Tuesday. MacPherson originally reported that he had been robbed at gunpoint at 3 a.m.

Safety gets closer look

[caption id="attachment_38073" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Police officers will survey West Main Street during the coming weeks as part of "Operation Share the Road," a campaign to increase education and enforcement regarding traffic laws for both motorists and bicyclists.

Robbery occurs near Carr

A Charlottesville resident was robbed Sunday night while sitting at a picnic table near Carr's Hill Field. The resident was resting with her head down on the table when a man approached her and took her purse.

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