Ty Vanover


Tina Fey enthralls Amphitheater audience

The hordes of students and community members who came seeking the witty, smart and biting humor for which Fey is known got exactly what they were looking for.

Charmed by Charmy

An impressive collection of modern art has temporarily taken up residence on the second floor of the Fralin Museum.

C-Ville arts make impressions

Anyone who has spent a summer in Charlottesville knows that the city, though it may quiet down when students leave, continues on and provides residents with a multitude of fun activities: peach picking, wine tasting, and outdoor events on the downtown mall are only a few things that make spending a summer in Charlottesville a unique and memorable experience.


By now, students who regularly pass by the Fralin Museum on Rugby Road have probably noticed a big change in the terrace of the University’s art museum.

CIO Spotlight: The Virginia Belles

Making a name for yourself as an a cappella group at the University is no small feat, especially given the ever-increasing number of these groups around Grounds, but the Virginia Belles, the University’s oldest female a cappella group, have nonetheless managed to steal the spotlight. The Belles were founded as an offshoot of the Virginia Women’s Choir in 1977 and today consist of 18 undergraduate women — a relatively small group given the number of women who audition every year.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad (Art) World

The arts scene at the University is gearing up for its biggest event of the year: Arts Madness. Orchestrated by the Student Arts Committee, Arts Madness is a week featuring an array of lectures, workshops, shows and films, all celebrating the thriving talent of the student body.

Extreme makeover: Clemons edition

If you’ve ever stowed yourself away in Clemons Library during the wee hours of the morning, writing papers or studying for finals, you know what I mean when I say that Clemons can start to look and feel a little like a tomb around 3 a.m.

Latest LiveArts production spurs 'speech and debate'

Let’s be honest. It’s pretty difficult to point to a film, play or television show centered around high school that doesn’t present what is colloquially known as “our turbulent years” in a melodramatic, angst-ridden way — looking at you, Perks of Being a Wallflower.