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Valerie Clemens

Notes from a recent College grad

Without a doubt, the thing I miss the least about college is the horrible, gut-wrenching feeling afflicting me every finals season as I sat in Clemons circa three a.m.

I'm never leaving

In high school, I don’t think it would have ever occurred to me to feel grateful for my spot in a classroom.

A Sochi of our own

I have no way of confirming this, but I think this week was a little off for everyone. I can’t remember the last time there were two snow days in a row at the University. Surprisingly, though, last weekend was beyond perfect, and I don’t think anybody — besides a couple of professors with their panties in a bunch — would have had it any other way. We got our own taste of Sochi.

A major Tinderance

Today, it was brought to my attention my peers log into Tinder with a wide array of intentions. Basically, it perplexed me my friend actually slept with someone she met using the app. My personal philosophy is this: use it sparingly, don’t respond when someone messages you and never meet in person.

Honesty is the new black

People are too nice, and I’m tired of hearing too much of the same thing. I’m tired of hearing my TA say, “Yeah, that’s a really good point!” when I didn’t even do the reading.

Statistically, insignificant

It all started when I was young ― when I was in the “why is the sky blue?” stage of my development, my curious nature seeking its food for thought.

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