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Will Keel

Titus Andronicus: Back in ‘Business’

The indie-folk-punk combination Titus Andronicus released its third album, Local Business, Oct. 22. The New Jersey band’s first album was raucous and hardy, the second introspective and thorough, sporting incredibly powerful sing-alongs and riotous choruses, but the group’s newest offering, Local Business, presents a more ‘70s-era vibe.

Flying Lotus soars

Stephen Ellison, a hip-hop producer, abstract sound auteur and explorer of altered states, is not known for being the most down-to-earth kind of guy.

Virginia polls give Democrats clear lead

Democrats have taken a clear lead in Virginia’s two biggest national elections this year, according to two new polls that show President Barack Obama maintaining a slight edge against GOP nominee Mitt Romney while Tim Kaine gained a new advantage over George Allen in the U.S.

‘Tempest’ offers perfect storm

Bob Dylan sounds downtrodden. And it’s perfect. In his latest release Tempest the 71-year-old Dylan plays the worn, grizzled storyteller, recounting his life and the lives of others in his timeless voice. Dylan’s infamous rasp plods steadily through the album and betrays more raw emotion than most singers could dream of expressing.

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