Obituary for Peter D'Agostino

Peter Cuskley D’Agostino, 20, of Greenwich, died suddenly on Thursday, Nov. 20, in Charlottesville, Va.A second-year student at the University of Virginia, Peter graduated in 2013 from St.
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LETTER: Remembering Peter D'Agostino

Peter D’Agostino was one of the rare people who always gave more than he received. Despite facing more than his fair share of adversity, especially over the last few years, you could always count on him to greet you with a smile, a hug, and as much friendly conversation as you had time for.
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Health Department says virus caused illnesses

The Virginia State Health Department has determined norovirus to be the cause of the recent gastrointestinal illness among University students. It is still unknown, however, whether the source of the outbreak is food-borne or from person-to-person contact.
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Competing on a global scale

Throughout first semester, first-year Engineering student Erin Murphy has balanced adjusting to a new social environment and the challenges of higher level classes with daily practices for regional, national and global Irish dancing competitions.Murphy, who was influenced by her dad’s side of the family, began Irish dancing at the age of five and has continued for 13 years.“My dad’s side of the family is really Irish, so when my dad was a kid, all my aunts Irish danced,” Murphy said.
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Act, knowledge, insignificance

Some acts are severe enough to conclude we do not want the student in our community anymore, but there should be a middle ground in which discipline is warranted, but so is a second chance.
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  • The pillar of Support

    While the ISC's name does not overtly appear on many first semester events meant to educate ...

  • Patience, persistence

    We want to reshape this community into one we can be proud of again, but this will not be possible ...

  • Moving forward

    There is no easy solution. This will not be solved overnight. Yet, if we come together, we can improve ...

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