Top 10 ways to keep warm this winter

1) Hang out in Cabell Hall:
Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like University buildings go a little overboard with their heat usage. Yes, it is cold outside and yes, most of us have to walk considerable distances to get to each class, but we don’t need to start instantly sweating upon entering a building. I may have sweat off two pounds during my history lecture today. Bottom line: If you’re looking for a place to get warm quickly, step into Cabell Hall. The blast of heat will motivate you to continue your walk to Wilson.

2) A good jacket:
The minute the leaves turned orange, Barbour jackets replaced Jack Rogers sandals as U.Va.’s must-have preppy accessory. I dare you to walk to class without spotting at least 10 of these on Grounds. Although I have to admit I think they’re really cute, other jackets work just as well to keep you warm and looking good. My recommendation? Choose a jacket with big pockets to shove your hands in when you forget your gloves.

3) Cover where heat escapes the body most:
According to Google, scientists have debunked the longtime belief that the most body heat is lost through your head. But because I know more than Google, I’m going to tell you that the three places you want to keep extra warm are your ears, your feet and your hands. Earmuffs or a head warmer can work double duty. They keep your ears warm and give you an excuse to pretend-ignore that guy you don’t want to see as you sprint-walk across McCormick Road Bridge. As for your feet: Wear boots with foot warmers to keep cozy, or Uggs if you want to hate yourself. Gloves for hands are an obvious choice.

4) Put clothes on radiators:
You know that feeling when you put on warm clothes that have just come back from the laundry? Your entire body feels instantly cozy and it’s like someone is hugging you. When you’re too lazy or cold to walk outside to do the laundry you’ve been meaning to do for two weeks, lay your clothes on top of the heater to warm them up. You’ll simulate that just-hugged feeling without much effort at all.

5) Heated blanket:
Seriously, invest in a heated blanket. I am not 100 percent sure about how they work or confident they won’t electrocute you in your sleep, but I know they keep you really warm. And maybe I’m crazy for my perpetual ice cream cravings, but heated blankets can neutralize the coldness of the ice cream you just have to have mid-December.

6) Buy hand warmers:
These little packets of mysterious warmth are among the things that should go admired and unquestioned, much like Taylor Swift’s life and the existence of Ryan Gosling. They are small enough to fit in your gloves, in your shoes or taped all over your body. Be careful, though: Too much direct contact between the hand warmers and your body is supposedly not good for you.

7) Carry a hot beverage:
Whether it’s coffee, tea, cider or hot chocolate, nothing beats being able to drink something that instantly warms your body up. Also, ‘tis the season for the cute Starbucks holiday cups, and who doesn’t like those? Put down your pumpkin spice lattes. Those are so last month. Try a peppermint mocha instead, which is twice as good and tastes like Christmas. And who doesn’t like Christmas?

8) Wear layers:
Cold weather is all about layering. Vogue will tell you that. So will your mom. Start small, maybe with a sweater pulled on over a tank top. Add a jacket, a scarf and mittens. Put on a hat, three pairs of socks, some pants, a pair of boots, and you’re ready to go! You know you’ve taken layering too far when people ask you if you’ve gained weight or it takes you 25 minutes to change at the gym.

9) Try the hot tub at the Aquatic & Fitness Center:
Speaking of the gym, why not give the hot tub a try? Few things are better than a hot bath, and considering the lack of bathtubs in dorms and most apartments, the AFC hot tub might be the next best thing. Plus, it is socially acceptable not to wear a bikini, so don’t worry about struggling to conceal that growing winter belly. Convince yourself you worked up a sweat by taking a few laps around the tub’s perimeter. It might not keep you in shape as well as laps in a real pool, but the point of this article was getting warm, not looking hot.

10) Find a snuggle buddy:
Call your girlfriend/boyfriend/boyfriend pillow/dog/cat/best friend/that kid you met during orientation because what is better than a warm companion when the temperature drops? Advantages to a human include conversation, a higher level of social acceptability and not having to eat the entire bag of marshmallows yourself. Cons include not being able to fall asleep and snore and not getting to eat the entire bag of marshmallows yourself.

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