'Fraternizing' with Logan Vath

Singer-songwriter to play Friday at the Garden

From his humble beginnings in small-town Nebraska, singer-songwriter Logan Vath began his music career shortly after leaving the Navy by performing in coffee shops and at open-mic nights across Norfolk, Va.

Vath’s journey to the Virginia coastline increased his dedication to his music, though he has been performing since high school.

“I’ve always been a bit of a ham, so winding up in situations in front of people was pretty normal growing up,” he said.

Though Vath is a long way from home, he says the community he has found in Virginia is a big inspiration for his work.

“I’m most influenced by other writers within the community, and have been trying to keep up with them and what they do,” he said.

Vath maintains he won’t ever forget his Nebraskan roots. He describes his hometown in his song “This Far From Home” with the lyrics, “Ain’t it like Nebraska to bleed when you ache / Replace what’s been missing when there’s none left to take.”

Vath’s combination of charming wit, unreserved honesty and soulful tunes makes him a refreshing newcomer to the scene. His personality certainly shines through his music — Vath’s first “big hit” was not a heartfelt ballad, but rather a humorous caricature of dating in the Navy.

“The Fraternization Song” showcases not only Vath’s musical talent, but also his surprising ability to make a playful — if slightly inappropriate — song endearing. With lines like, “We’ll use the motion of the ocean to lose some promotions / But it sure beats laying in the rack utilizing the lotion,” the song is sure to make you laugh, or at the very least chuckle.

Vath also sees a future in his composition of “cheesy” songs.

“I would love to write a cheesy pop song with Billy Joel, but I probably wouldn’t be able to function — since I’d be hanging out with Billy Joel and all,” he said.

Despite his forays into comical tunes, Vath also has quite a few serious songs, posing earnest lyrics of hope and doubt on his most recent record, “Better Man or Ghost.” the song “Top Shelf” Vath hints to deep philosophical questions with a youthful candor, crooning, “Prayer, my darling, it ain’t just for the faithful — it’s for the broken down people that we see and be in the streets and all the times that are happening in between.”

Vath’s humility is readily apparent in conversation.

“My only real goal is to be sustainable through music and [to] keep writing songs that I’m proud to have in the world,” he said. “And I want a garden and a nice little house back in the Midwest that I spend time at when not on the road, where I can work and write and be close to my family.”

Logan will be playing Friday, Feb. 7 at one of Charlottesville’s hidden venues — Eunioa’s The Garden — just a stone’s throw from Nau Hall. Fans of Vath’s combination of humor, sagacity and thought-provoking lyrics should also watch his video “Another Year Down,” played from a New York rooftop.

Published February 3, 2014 in Arts and Entertainment, tableau

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