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Native American Student Union works to encourage cultural awareness in University community

(02/21/19 4:30am)

At the University, the five member Native American Student Union has taken on the difficult task of representing their ethnic group and addressing cultural appropriation that has taken place at both the state level and within the University community in the past couple of weeks. 

EDITORIAL: Student Council representative endorsements

(02/20/19 4:11am)

A total of eight students came to The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board seeking endorsements for Student Council representative from the College of Arts and Sciences, with an additional student seeking an endorsement for the Engineering School Student Council representative position. Of these candidates, the Board elected to endorse seven individuals — six from the College of Arts and Sciences and one from the Engineering School. We have chosen to endorse Matthew Foreman, Omar Metwally, Ally Kammerman, Isabella Liu, Aneesha Goodala and Hunter Wagenaar from the College and Shivani Saboo from the Engineering School. These candidates exemplified clear goals for future policy and a true desire to represent their constituency in the best manner possible.

EDITORIAL: UJC representative endorsements

(02/20/19 4:11am)

This year, The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board has chosen to endorse four candidates running for University Judiciary Committee representative. Of the eight total candidates seeking election, we chose to endorse three from the College of Arts & Sciences — Shannon Cason, Gabby Cox and Chirag Kulkarni — and one from the School of Engineering and Applied Science — Camille Cooper. All of the candidates we have chosen to endorse presented insightful and forward-thinking platforms that we believe will bring progressive change to the University community.

EDITORIAL: Honor Committee endorsements

(02/20/19 4:12am)

A total of nine candidate running for the Honor Committee elections interviewed with The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board seeking endorsements for the 2019 student election cycle. Out of these candidates, four of them were from the College of Arts and Sciences, two were from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and three were from the Batten School. From the pool of candidates, the board elected to endorse Mary Beth Barksdale, Derrick Wang, Alex Spratley and Lillie Lyon from the College, Sally Greenberg from the Engineering School and Alex Blake and Harper North from the Batten School. These candidates demonstrated a profound depth of knowledge regarding issues pertaining to Honor and an ability to propose a concrete plan for the future of the organization.

Student Council confirms second-year College student Diana Gaiter as Chair of Diversity Engagement Committee​

(02/20/19 4:57am)

The Student Council Representative Body voted unanimously Tuesday to confirm the appointment of second-year College student Diana Gaiter as chair of the Diversity Engagement Committee. The committee was established in April 2018 and is tasked with cooperating with multicultural student organizations and University administration on issues relating to diversity and aims to offer resources for students from a variety of backgrounds. 

Miller Center senior fellow Marc Short appointed as Mike Pence’s chief of staff

(02/20/19 4:42am)

Marc Short — a senior fellow at the University’s Miller Center of Public Affairs and former director of legislative affairs for President Donald Trump — has left his one-year fellowship with the Center to return to the White House as Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff.

No. 13 men’s tennis reaches the ITA Indoor Championships quarterfinals before getting swept by No. 2 Ohio State

(02/20/19 12:17am)

This past weekend, No. 13 Virginia men’s tennis (9-2, 2-1 ACC) attended the ITA National Team Indoor Championship in Chicago, Ill. The Cavaliers entered the tournament as the eighth seed after staging major ranked wins against No. 1 Wake Forest and No. 20 Texas A&M the past two months. 

‘Isn’t it Romantic’ debunks the rom-com

(02/19/19 4:28am)

As an homage to the romantic comedy, the new film “Isn’t It Romantic” — released the day before Valentine’s — provides a highlight reel of favorite scenes from the most beloved of the genre. In reinventing Julia Roberts’ iconic white outfit in “Pretty Woman,” the “I’ll have what she’s having” orgasm scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and the apartment makeover from “13 Going on 30,” the film reminds the audience what makes those movies lovable. However, the lack of originality in “Isn’t it Romantic” causes the audience to reminisce over past favorites instead of applauding the new film for its own humor and uniqueness.   

The Virginia Riding Team: A community of competitive riders and close friends

(02/21/19 4:09am)

Founded in 1976, the Virginia Riding Team is a club sports team open to University students of all years with an interest in riding horses. With 65 riders, 4 coaches and over 30 team horses, the team is a competitive force that has accumulated numerous accolades over the years, including the 2018 American National Riding Commission Novice Championship title and has qualified for 10 American National Riding Commission Championships. 

U.Va. hospital opens renovated inpatient unit for new mothers and babies

(02/21/19 4:06am)

After setting a hospital record of delivering over 2,000 babies in 2018, the University hospital opened its renovated inpatient unit Jan. 21, 2019. This ward is for new mothers, infants and expectant mothers who require additional monitoring before giving birth and is located on the section of the eighth floor known as 8 Central. The unit had been closed since last April for remodeling.

Pizza recipes for every meal

(02/21/19 4:12am)

I am a huge pizza fan. However, sometimes my go-to order from Papa John’s — pepperoni and sausage with extra sauce — seems too routine. I realized that pizza is actually very versatile, and the amount of different pizza recipes is quite extensive. I also think pizza should not exclusively be a dinner or lunch food — the classic pizza dish can be altered to fit any meal of the day.

Young Women Leaders Program kindles friendship through mentorship

(02/21/19 4:10am)

When third-year Curry student Nicole Baker first entered the University, she knew she wanted to make her college experience meaningful by immersing herself in something she’s deeply passionate about. After encouragement from her friends, Baker decided serving as a mentor in the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) might be the path for her. In joining the program, she was prepared to be selfless and take on mentoring a young, middle school aged girl — what she didn't expect was to be paired with a little girl who would help Baker herself grow and develop as a strong woman and leader.