Oct 01, 2016

U.Va. alumnus develops housing app

Students around Grounds aren’t just anxious about midterms this week. Although this semester is barely a month underway, the frantic struggle to finalize housing plans for next year is already in full swing.“I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to sign a lease, I don’t even know how to look for an apartment,” first-year College student Joie Asuquo said.First years often feel like they’re left to fend for themselves when it comes to securing housing for their second year at the University, whether it is on grounds of off.
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Life living far from Grounds

As lease-signing season is upon us, many students get a taste of one of the most important rite of passages of adulthood.
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The context of disruption

The deafening silence of Alderman Library was only momentarily interrupted by the ruffle of pages or a singular cough people let out here and there.
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What I didn’t deserve

Last Monday, I found myself once again in tears, standing in a driveway, unable to take back the damage my 2000 Chevy Suburban had caused.
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Why I hate roller coasters

“Athena, come on, we’re at the front of the line,” my friends complained while I was scrambling to find the nearest exit.
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