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Real voter choice

I read your interesting Oct. 18 article, "Poll reveals voter apathy." It was well reported and included full discussion of reasons for why voters choose not to vote.

In our democracy one is free to vote or not to vote. Historically, dictators and quasi-dictators forced all residents to vote, but only in accordance with what the dictator favored. Woe to those who did not vote in accordance with the dictator's policy. Note how the World War II Axis dictatorships - Germany, Italy, inter alia - forced yes-no plebiscites upon the voting masses.

In our United States, it is commendable to study the socio-political issues and to vote accordingly. But abstention from voting is also a right, and often this constitutes a protest against the candidates or policies of both political parties, donkey and elephant.

Leo Shatin\nFormer member of the Board of Governors, Nova Southeastern University


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