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Love Connection: Joe Harris melts more hearts

Harris and Hart flirt up a (hilarious) storm with Nedda and Arrianne

	<p>In a double-date Love Connection, junior guard Joe Harris and his friend Hart meet their dates on the steps of the Rotunda before heading to Basil for dinner.</p>

In a double-date Love Connection, junior guard Joe Harris and his friend Hart meet their dates on the steps of the Rotunda before heading to Basil for dinner.

Joe Harris

Year: Third
Major: Sociology
U.Va. involvement: Men’s Basketball
Hometown: Chelan, WA
Describe a typical weekend: Hanging with my friends
Hobbies: Ping Pong, Fishing, Archery.
What makes you a good catch? I love to love.
What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? Sometimes I love too much.
What is your spirit animal? Cobra Leopard
Do you like horror movies? Yes
Have you ever, or will you ever, travel around another country alone? Yes
Wouldn’t it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat? Yes


Year: Third
Major: Commerce
UVa involvement: Persian Cultural Society, Third Year Council, Commerce Council, Middle Eastern Mentoring Program, and more!
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va.
Ideal date (person): Aladdin? Just kidding but actually…haha. Honestly down for anything as long as he is athletic! I like guys that can hold a conversation and make jokes.
Ideal date (activity): Dinner and a fun spontaneous activity. Show me something cool and secretive about Charlottesville/U.Va. that not many know. Or let’s bake something together!
Deal breakers?: Checking your phone during our date. I get it — you’re busy, but so is the whole world.
Describe a typical weekend: Chilling on the Lawn/Mad Bowl, going out with friends, attending some school event, maybe some tennis
Hobbies: Tennis, Baking, Zumba, Belly Dancing, MarioKart
What makes you a good catch? I’m really chill and open, I think I’m pretty interesting/spontaneous.
What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? I don’t know too much about sports other than tennis and basketball…
What is your spirit animal? Cheetah. Rawr!
What’s your favorite pick-up line? Are you a parking ticket… cuz you have fine written all over you? Or when they ask if I’m related to the Kardashians.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m Nedda, Persian like the cat … Meow.
Do you like horror movies? Yes!! I love thrillers.
Have you ever (or will you ever) travel around another country alone? Not alone, let’s do it with friends!
Wouldn’t it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat? Nah, maybe for 2 weeks, but I want to live in Southern California eventually.


Year: Second
Major: Global Development Studies and Government
UVa involvement: The Virginia Advocate, SOCA [Soccer Association of Charlottesville-Albemarle], Chi Alpha
Hometown: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Ideal date (person): Funny, intelligent, laid-back, chivalrous, ambitious, confident, and knows how to have a good time.
Ideal date (activity): For a first date, it would be something off-Grounds ideally. It’d be nice to just hang out and get to know the person casually rather than under the pressure of a lunch/dinner. If we were going out after that, there should be flowers and we should do something fun and different – not just the typical lunch/dinner.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?: Alexander Skarsgard, Wentworth Miller, Ryan Gosling.
Deal breakers: Arrogant, uptight, no sense of humor, close-minded
Describe a typical weekend: Catch up on sleep, chill at Para Coffee, hang out with friends
Hobbies: Reading, writing, keeping up with current events, traveling, missing home.
What makes you a good catch? I’m from the Caribbean so that’s different! I’m laid back (island life) and fun, but also hardworking and ambitious. I can make you laugh and I know how to have a good time, whether it’s a serious conversation about politics or philosophy, or talking about absolute nonsense. Plus I’ll do it all in a cool Caribbean accent.


Year: Fourth
Major: Psychology and French
UVa involvement: IFC, Madison House, U.Va. Basketball Team
Hometown: ATL
Ideal date (person): I love all the ladies, but if you want specifics a brunette with a big smile got me weak.
Ideal date (activity): 1v1 Basketball, make it take it, loser pays for dinner.
If you could date any celebrity, who would it be? Mila Kunis. That chick is straight smoke.
Deal breakers? Chicks who don’t like Halo. That game is way too sick.
Describe a typical weekend: I usually begin with a trip to the polo grounds for a quick jaunt on my horse, Chestershire. I then typically unwind with a crisp glass of aged scotch in the hot tub of the prestigious Welshy Arms hotel. I usually retire my weekend atop the Rotunda with an exquisitely rolled Cuban cigar.
Hobbies: Taxidermy
If your dating life were a primetime or reality show, what would it be? Fear Factor
What makes you a good catch? I’m a really good chef. I even have one of those big white hats.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I get buckets.

Joe and Nedda went on a double date with Hart & Arrianne. They met at the Rotunda 5:30 Monday. They ate at Basil Mediterranean Bistro.

Joe: Hart and I met before we went to the Rotunda, parked down one of the alleys, walked over, went up and started scoping.

Nedda: Joe was easy to recognize — being a giant is not easy. I introduced myself and Arrianne was sitting on the other side of the Rotunda so we introduced ourselves.

Hart: We thought one person was going to be the date; that wasn’t who we were looking for, then those two honeys rolled up. I said “Hey yo, look at those honeys.”

Arrianne: Hart and Joe are [both] my type — they’re really nice, good-looking guys.

Nedda: Joe is the American Aladdin.

Joe: Where to go was probably the most indecisive decision of the evening. We ganged up on Arrianne and said “You’re choosing or we’re all peacing out right now.”

Arrianne: I decided where to go because nobody else wanted to decide. We started walking toward the corner and when we got closer we decided to go to Basil.

Nedda: We all ordered the same thing because none of us could understand the menu.

Hart: We just rolled with the standard stuff at first — got to know each other, then got into hobbies and just rolled from there.

Arrianne: We talked about what we’re involved in around Grounds, what we’re doing for summer, spoke about where we’ve been and where we’re from.

Nedda: We talked a lot about Arrianne being from Trinidad; Joe and Hart were drooling about her accent. Joe couldn’t keep it together. I was jealous because Arrianne was stealing my date.

Arrianne: One of the highlights was definitely when they said they were interested in coming to Carnival in Trinidad, which is the [most fun] street party ever. We spoke about how people dress up in bedazzled bikinis and guys wear decorated shorts.

Joe: [There was flirting] the whole time, the whole time.

Hart: It was like a flirting hurricane.

Joe: Couldn’t even control it.

Hart: There was one lull in the flirt hurricane, but that’s when we were in the eye, and then it came back and it was more intense.

Nedda: We all have decided to make habitual dates; this isn’t the end. Joe said he’d give us a private VIP tour of JPJ.

Arrianne: It went pretty well, everyone just kind of chipped in when it got silent; everyone contributed so it wasn’t like anyone dominated the conversation or anything. We all liked to have a good time.

Hart: The waiter cut us off … and the only reason we left was that Nedda had a meeting. We exchanged numbers right at the end.

Joe: We took a selfie at the end. We had to take it multiple times because [of] the ladies.

Hart: They were concerned about the lighting and the angles so Joe had to work some magic.

Nedda: I would rate the date a 20 because I got two boys. Joe and Hart were so into me I couldn’t decide who I was on the date with.

Hart: The girls were dimes [and] the date was a mindblowing 10.

Joe: It was a 10, definitely. We’re trying to go to Trinidad, too.

Arrianne: It was a good time; it was more like hanging out with good friends and meeting new people, so in that aspect I would give it like 7.

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