U.Va. police arrest eight people during Midsummers

The number of arrests is up from four during Midsummers in 2017


Plastic cups littered in yards and along sidewalks were a common sight in some places during Midsummers weekend. 

Christina Anton | Cavalier Daily

The University Police Department arrested eight people, including one student for underage possession of alcohol and one for drug possession, during the period of this year’s “Midsummers” — a weekend falling between the second and third summer class sessions which brings hundreds of students to the University for parties and reunions. 

University Police Department officers made the arrests in between Thursday, July 12 and Sunday, July 15 — two U.Va. students and six non-students — including one for underage possession of alcohol and public intoxication, one for underage possession of alcohol and possession of false identification and one for an open container of alcohol. The arrestees in these three incidents were not U.Va. students. 

“Because Midsummer’s is not an official University event and it is not confined to a particular location, it’s not possible to determine what is related and what is not,”  UPD Police Sergeant Benjamin Rexrode said in an email statement to The Cavalier Daily.

The total number of arrests over the weekend is higher than last year’s Midsummers, which included four arrests for alcohol-related charges.

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