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Honor Committee holds first meeting of the new academic year, selections of new support officers to be held in coming weeks

The Committee heard from the selections committee on how best to conduct support officer interviews

The Honor Committee introduced new administrative faculty and developments in the recruitment process for incoming support officers at the first meeting of the academic year Sunday. 17 out of 23 members attended, meaning the group reached quorum and could vote on constitutional and by-law changes. 

Gabrielle Bray, chair of the Honor Committee and fourth-year College student, began the meeting by allowing each member of the Committee to speak on any Honor-related updates within their respective school. Each school has two representatives except for the College, which has five to account for the larger student population. 

Many members said they spoke about the Honor system during their school-specific orientations. Hamza Aziz, third-year College student and vice-chair for investigations, also updated the Committee that there are seven active cases. 

After opening comments from members of the Committee, the meeting was handed over to third-year College students Jonathan Swap and Kaukab Rizvi, the co-chairs of the Selections and Recruitment Committee. The co-chairs spoke at length of the process for recruiting new  Honor support officers and the criteria they were hoping to fill in their incoming members, such as passion for improving the Honor system. 

Each year there are roughly 100 support officers whose main role is to staff cases and interviews for new support officers will begin in the next few weeks. 

“We're looking for people with empathy, who are well rounded,” Swap said. “We're also looking to make the Support Officer pool more representative of the University.” 

Nathan Pede, deputy coordinator of judicial affairs, also introduced himself during the meeting. Pede replaced Evan Pivonka at the start of the academic year as the special assistant to the Honor Committee and will support the group in administrative efforts. 

Following comments from the co-chairs and Pede, the floor was given to Marsh Pattie, assistant vice president of student affairs. Pattie spoke about the recent appointment of Robin Hadley as dean of students and chief student affairs officer  and his support of student organizations like as the Honor Committee. 

Hadley is the first to serve as both dean of students and chief student affairs office. Pattie said the decision to combine these roles comes from an effort to “streamline” resources. 

“A fundamental premise around this [decision] was how are we best supporting students and student organizations at the University,” Pattie said. 

Hadley oversees many integral aspects of student life at the University, including Housing and Residence Life, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Multicultural Student Services, first-generation student support and student engagement and safety. 

Following Pattie’s comments, the Committee entered into closed session at 7:30 and did not return to open session. 

The next meeting will be held on Sunday at 7 p.m. in the Trial Room of Newcomb Hall.