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U.Va. posts Alderman library on Instagram hyping up another empty promise

Deep down, we all know at this point that only our grandchildren’s children will see the library to completion

<p>Go to Clark. You know you won’t get work done no matter which library you go to.&nbsp;</p>

Go to Clark. You know you won’t get work done no matter which library you go to. 

Alderman Library — the University has promised a rather momentous vision for the space, including skylit study courts and presentation halls throughout. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the construction, here are some insights from the comment section online — 

  • Clark Library — “We send our condolences to the further postponing of the completion deadline. Honestly though, we would not complain over being the prettiest library on Grounds for another five years.” 
  • Orientation and New Student Program — “We did not ask for renovations in the first place. Please finish it ASAP, we are really running out of bragging points here during orientation.”
  • Clemons Library — “We have been experiencing extreme staff shortage and overflow of procrastinated students every Sunday. And you are blocking the only view we have on the second floor with your tower crane.” 
  • Student A — “Now the deadline is going to be 2037 or something.”
  • Student B — “We’ve canceled multiple late night events due to the closing of the library. Please do better.”
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry — “Please finish up the renovations, you are blocking a main entrance to the Ministry of Magic. Due to inflation, there is a shortage of Floo Powder and many wizards and witches are getting laid off. Hope you understand our concerns.”

Not all of the comments are filled with complaints, agony and desperation. There are two types of students that are very hyped about the pushing of the deadline. Pro-Clark activists have spoken out about their anticipation for a spike in Clark attendance. Students in the School of Architecture with a focus in modernism put out stands at Clemons to educate people on the art of Brutalist buildings. However, these two groups are mere minorities. Many of us are with Orientation and New Student Programs. As a student in the Class of 2026, I was very scared of jinxing my chance to visit Alderman Library by the time I graduate. The Orientation Leaders could do nothing because many of them also have never visited Alderman Library. To people who are also very worried whether the renovations will ever be completed, here is some advice —

  1. Go to Clark. You know you won’t get work done no matter which library you go to. Clark is a close substitute for Alderman. From the murals on the wall in Clark Hall to the classical looking interior design of the library, Clark will give you a sense of nostalgia.
  2. Reread all of Harry Potter. To reminisce over the McGregor Room, rereading Harry Potter would at least fulfill some of the fantasies we all have about Alderman. 
  3. Know that the University population is with you. Though it looks like Alderman has not made any progress since April, know that other constructions have. Look at McCormick Road — it only took them the entire summer to fix 150 feet of road. Exhibit B, Stadium Road. It took them a month to fix 20 feet. Multiply these two constructions to the scale of Alderman Library, and mathematically speaking, it will be done in the next 10 years — just in time for Orientation for the Class of 2035 or 2036.

Many students, especially upperclassmen, simply have no expectation for the University at this point. There is no way that many of us will see the new library before we graduate, but think about the generations after us, think about our grandkids. We cannot reduce the construction time, but we definitely can lower the bar of expectation.