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SONG: California is right to begin paying its college athletes

(10/17/19 2:46am)

California passed the “Fair Pay to Play Act,” on Sept. 30, allowing college athletes in California to be paid for the commercial use of their name, image and likeness — something the NCAA prohibits. The new law is a long-overdue victory for college football and basketball players, who collectively generate billions of dollars for the NCAA and college athletic programs each year without receiving any financial compensation. Virginia should follow California’s lead to help collegiate athletes get financial payment they deserve. 

U.Va. hopes to achieve a waste diversion rate of 70 percent at annual Green Football Game against Duke

(10/17/19 5:07am)

The University’s Office of Sustainability and Virginia Football are hosting their annual Green Game at Scott Stadium this Saturday. In addition to competing against Duke University in football, U.Va. is also competing against other colleges across the nation as part of the Gameday Recycling Challenge, an initiative to reduce waste by increasing recycling and composting at football games. 

Virginia cross country preview: First national meet of the season

(15 hours ago)

After three weeks of preparation, the Virginia men’s and women’s cross country teams return to action for their fourth meet of the season. The men kick things off Friday afternoon at the Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational in Madison, Wis., while the women follow Saturday morning at the Under-Armour Pre-National Invitational in Terre Haute, Ind. 

No. 1 men’s soccer defeats fifth ranked opponent of the season, downing No. 18 James Madison 1-0

(10/17/19 5:24pm)

No. 1 Virginia men’s soccer hosted in-state rival No. 18 James Madison Tuesday night in the first match between the two schools since 2016. The Cavaliers (11-0-1, 4-0-1 ACC) defeated the Dukes (9-4-1, 4-0-1 CAA) 1-0 for an NCAA-leading 10th shutout of the season. 

EDITORIAL: U.Va. must continue to reform the Hospital’s debt collection policies

(10/17/19 5:09am)

In light of the recent reporting that uncovered the aggressive debt collection tactics employed by the U.Va. Health System, the University has announced changes it will be making to the billing process. These reforms include revised financial assistance guidelines which will allow more low-income patients to get partial or complete relief from their medical debt. However, the University stopped short of ceasing all lawsuits against indebted patients, citing legal obstacles. It instead opted to institute a threshold that limits lawsuits to only debts above $1,000 and against patients who earn at least 400 percent above the federal poverty line. We praise the University’s quick adoption of new policies to redress the problematic practices of the hospital, but we also urge the administration to work diligently to end all debt collection lawsuits.

ASCH: The missed opportunity of the ‘Honor the Future’ campaign

(15 hours ago)

University President Jim Ryan announced last weekend that the University raised $2.75 billion of its $5 billion goal for its “Honor the Future” campaign which is currently in its public phase. The project was created to raise a significant sum from donors in order to make the University “the leading” public institution in the United States. While it is certainly impressive that so much money has been raised, the entire process begs the question — what does being the best public university in the nation really mean?

From computer screen to field: Students use sports analytics to predict performance outcomes

(10/17/19 5:06am)

With new advances in technology, students and faculty researchers at the University have begun applying science to sports by using data analytics to predict the future success of both individual athletes and entire teams. William T. Scherer, professor of systems and information engineering and associate chair of Engineering Systems and Environment, along with engineering students completing their capstone projects, has been collaborating with the University’s football team for the past five years or so to optimize recruitment strategies and performance.

HESS: The New College Curriculum is not the answer

(10/16/19 2:17am)

Last semester, I wrote a column highlighting the issues of the New College Curriculum, a program that joins the Traditional and Forums Curriculums. Viewpoint Writer Noah Strike published a response in defense of the curriculum, and even called for its adoption across the College. While the curriculum may offer a new take on fulfilling general education requirements, it provides very few benefits to students. Instead, it causes scheduling issues and it forces students to enroll in unfulfilling engagements. The New College Curriculum is supposed to allow room for creativity and exploration in academics, but instead it hinders students from venturing outside of their comfort zones and trying new things.

Five student organizations held a march to the George Rogers Clark statue in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

(10/16/19 6:47pm)

Roughly 50 participants marched to the George Rogers Clark statue Monday in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day and in protest of Columbus Day. Participants stood in solidarity around the statue and performed a sage ritual as a unified sign of respect towards indigenous people.  

UJC looks to strengthen relationship with ODOS to provide resources to students

(10/15/19 3:46am)

The University Judiciary Committee heard from guest speaker Shelby Gibson, the programs coordinator and case manager for the Office of the Dean of Students, during its meeting Sunday. Gibson spoke about how the relationship between ODOS and the UJC is beneficial to the wellness of all students involved with UJC, as deans are typically a resource for accused students but also report students’ cases to UJC.

Midseason update: ACC Coastal Power Rankings

(10/16/19 6:48pm)

At the midway point of Virginia football’s season, it is an opportune time to assess Virginia’s current position in the divisional race. With two consecutive losses and an overall record of 4-2, the Cavaliers no longer remain at the top of the Coastal division. With five out of the seven teams trading positions week after week and a spot in the ACC Championship on the line, no one in the division is safe. 

‘El Camino’ is the best kind of fan service

(10/16/19 2:14am)

The streaming wars are here, and every week seems to bring a new show of one-upmanship as one company or another proudly announces the revival, follow-up or sequel to a beloved intellectual property. Netflix had its moment of pride with the surprise reveal of “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” this summer, a “Breaking Bad” sequel delivered in the format of a movie that had been filmed in secret only one year earlier. 

Your soundtrack for watching the football team set ‘The Standard’

(10/17/19 5:11am)

Haven’t you heard? We’re a football school now. Don’t worry about our recent losses — these ten songs capture the essence of the long uphill journey of Virginia Football and will get you pumped to watch your favorite team crush the remainder of this season. They might not aid you in your grieving process as you mourn the loss of “The Adventures of CavMan,” but they’ll definitely kill at your next pregame.

Asian American women lead empowering discussions through WAALI

(10/17/19 5:08am)

Third-year College student Jasmine Mao grew up in a predominantly white town and school district. As a first-year at the University, she spent little time thinking about her Asian American identity and its impact on her life. It wasn’t until her second-year when Mao enrolled in Professor Sylvia Chong’s “Introduction to Asian American Studies” course that she developed an interest in what it means to be Asian in America. This sudden desire to connect with her Asian American identity set her on a new path towards personal transformation.

Jackson, Lee statues vandalized Monday morning for the second time in a month

(10/14/19 9:57pm)

Officers from the Charlottesville Police Department responded to a report of vandalism to the Stonewall Jackson statue in Court Square Park at 8 a.m. Monday, according to Charlottesville Police Public Information Officer Tyler Hawn. The noses and hands of the allegorical figures on the base of the statue appear to have been chipped away.

Dating at U.Va.

(10/17/19 5:15pm)

College means freedom. For some reason, back in high school, your parents thought that JUST because they fed, housed, clothed and drove you that they had the right to tell you what to do. Now, you’re a 100 percent independent college kid — well except for the few bucks that the ‘rents spot you for tuition and housing but that can’t be too much right? You can do WHATEVER you want — sleep until 3 p.m., go out on a Tuesday night, skip those pesky classes (there’s always SOMEONE trying to ruin your fun huh?). But most importantly you can DATE whoever you please. There are so many fish in the sea, but how do you even start? Profess your love to that cute girl in class who you’ve admired for a semester but never said a word to? Take somebody on a date to Newcomb dining hall?  Buy somebody a drink and HOPE that they have a 5 minute conversation with you in return? No worries reader, yours truly will guide you through everything you need to know to successfully date at U.Va.