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Two Trinity Irish Pub employees and former Mono Loco restaurant owner purchase Boylan Heights

(08/15/19 6:40pm)

Long-term Trinity Irish Pub employees Mike Heyer and Nick Becker and former Mono Loco restaurant owner and chef Michael Lewis purchased Boylan Heights on the Corner. Heyer is currently a managing partner at Trinity Irish Pub, while Becker is a general manager at the Elliewood Ave. bar Coupe De Ville’s. Trinity Irish Pub purchased Coupe De Ville’s in 2011. 

Virginia basketball alumni raise money for the Heather Heyer Foundation on the two-year anniversary of her death

(08/13/19 12:57am)

Two years ago, Heather Heyer was killed when a car plowed through a crowd of counter protesters at the white supremacist ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville. To honor Heyer’s life and her dedication to promoting equal rights among all people, Virginia basketball alumni have came together to raise money for the Heather Heyer Foundation, which gives scholarships to young activists.

2019 Virginia football: The big preview

(08/13/19 2:48pm)

After a successful 8-5 season that culminated in a blowout win in the 2018 Belk Bowl, the Virginia football team is gearing up for the 2019 season. Despite finishing on a high note last year with their 28-0 rout against South Carolina, the Cavaliers have room to improve in conference play, losing their last three ACC games en route to a third place finish in the Coastal division. They will look to take the next step this year. With the team in the full swing of fall camp and the season opener at Pittsburgh only a few weeks away — Saturday, Aug. 31 — it’s time to preview the season ahead.

The new “Lion King” is stylish but empty

(08/02/19 4:15pm)

More than two decades after the first “The Lion King,” a star-studded reboot has arrived to capitalize on nostalgia for the original. Just like 1967’s “The Jungle Book,” which received its own reboot from director Jon Favreau in 2016, the new film was produced using state of the art computer animation which makes the characters look like photorealistic animals. Similarly to “The Jungle Book,” the animators of “The Lion King” create a world filled with breathtaking landscapes. However, Favreau’s new release leaves out the charm of the original film.

Hot girl summer might kill me but at least my corpse will be cute

(08/09/19 10:54pm)

If you have been feeling like the beautiful, powerful women in your life have been more beautiful and powerful lately, you should know that it’s more than a feeling — they really f—king have been. If I were not a humanities major I might do some sort of graph or poll here to make my point, but I’m majoring in history and government so numbers are basically broken letters to me. You’ll have to take me at my word. On my honor, I pledge that every single woman in the world has been on an unquantifiable but undeniable glow-up this entire summer. Why? Because it’s hot girl summer, baby.

Man in custody after surrendering to Albemarle County police near Fontaine Research Park

(07/26/19 2:45am)

Albemarle County police took into custody an armed man near a Fontaine Avenue parking lot threatening self-harm Wednesday morning. The man surrendered peacefully after talking to police for over an hour, and the incident was cleared with no injuries. 

Wartel: Bernie or bust

(08/15/19 7:11pm)

Since the moment that President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, a large number of Americans have been primarily concerned with removing him from office. In 2020, we have the chance to evict Trump from the White House, but in order to ensure long lasting change in American society, we need a candidate that can begin reversing the last 40 years of neoliberalism, not just the damaging effects of Trump’s presidency. Despite a field of 24 candidates, there is only one presidential candidate prepared to do that — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

BATSUKH: Founder’s Day must not be forgotten

(08/09/19 10:28pm)

On July 1, the Charlottesville City Council voted to establish a new City holiday, Liberation and Freedom Day, set for March 3, to commemorate the arrival of the Union Army in Charlottesville and emancipation of black slaves in 1865. This would be fortuitous news, save for the fact that the Council has also seen fit to cease celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, April 13, known to the University community as Founder’s Day. 

LETTER: How to extend our commitment to excellence across the world

(07/31/19 2:05am)

One of the most admirable qualities of the University is our commitment to excellence in academics, athletics, and character. But, it is crucial that students remember to carry that excellence beyond themselves and beyond the University. We live in a partisan era, where any kind of political gain in the name of excellence seems impossible. However, education should be seen as bipartisan, as the right to pursue an education is crucial to developing a better global economy, ensuring social equality and increasing wages for millions. 

Attempted abduction, forcible fondling reported to University police determined false

(07/21/19 6:59pm)

Update: Gloria Graham, the University's associate vice president of safety and security, announced in an email to the U.Va. community Tuesday evening that the alleged attack did not occur and the complainant admitted to police that the report was false. U.Va. police will consult with the Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

How to lose your summer body

(08/16/19 12:44pm)

Picture this — it’s halfway through the summer. You’re lying on a beach somewhere, a definitely non-alcoholic beverage of choice in hand. You’re deciding which generic summer caption goes best with your generic summer picture on Instagram, when suddenly, what’s this? A photo from fall semester last year? Well, a little reminiscing never hurt anyone, so you click on the picture.