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Music to our ears: The Cavalier Marching Band takes the field

It’s the end of the second quarter at Scott Stadium. The energy of the game momentarily subsides as fans talk among themselves, go for refreshments and check their phones; they don’t notice the assembly congregating on the sidelines in front of section 104, clothed in blue and white, orange capes fluttering in the breeze.


Clear skies for the latest Bond?

His name is Bond, Geriatric Bond. No, I’m not just talking about the 50 year-old series. A grizzled and distinctively middle-aged James Bond is back and he needs to rely on his wits, as well as his friends, to come out of this mission alive.


Titus Andronicus: Back in ‘Business’

The indie-folk-punk combination Titus Andronicus released its third album, Local Business, Oct. 22. The New Jersey band’s first album was raucous and hardy, the second introspective and thorough, sporting incredibly powerful sing-alongs and riotous choruses, but the group’s newest offering, Local Business, presents a more ‘70s-era vibe.