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‘Truth’ doesn’t hurt

The Truth About Love, like most of Pink’s albums, is a collection of rowdy songs with enough enthusiastic beats, trashy lyrics and gentle cheesiness to make them perfect for singing along at an obnoxiously high volume. As the first few songs play, it seems as though the singer’s sixth album will be her most subdued effort to date.


Big & Rich strike back

Hold on to your cowboy hats because country’s craziest duo, Big & Rich, has just released its fourth studio album, Hillbilly Jedi. Despite the title, much of the record showcases the duo’s more serious side.


‘Tempest’ offers perfect storm

Bob Dylan sounds downtrodden. And it’s perfect. In his latest release Tempest the 71-year-old Dylan plays the worn, grizzled storyteller, recounting his life and the lives of others in his timeless voice. Dylan’s infamous rasp plods steadily through the album and betrays more raw emotion than most singers could dream of expressing.


Neo-psychedelic group continues to push music boundaries

You can take the beast out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the beast. Until a few years ago, Animal Collective had the peculiar distinction of being the “strangest band alive,” due in no small part to the group’s psychedelic sensibility, radical sonic experimentation and blatant disregard for conventional conceptions of “music.” But in 2009 it looked like the band had ditched its odd routine in favor of the ethereal and accessible pop on Merriweather Post Pavilion, an acclaimed effort that earned the group a broader audience. While writing their next album, all four members of the band moved back to their hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, where as childhood friends they had originally begun playing music.


The XX marks spot in indie music

The xx emerged in 2009 with a captivating and clearly defined aesthetic. The band’s hushed, minimal love songs won accolades, including Britain’s Mercury Prize.


Getting technical

Old Cabell auditorium Friday night played host to a concert of the most peculiar sort, titled “TechnoSonics XIII: Music & Politics.” Technosonics, a course started at the University in 2006 by Assoc.


Talk girly to me

First utilized by musicians of the 1940s and popularized by hip-hop artists of the 1970s and ‘80s, sampling was nothing new when Gregg Gillis became Girl Talk in 2002.

Latest Podcast

From her love of Taylor Swift to a late-night Yik Yak post, Olivia Beam describes how Swifties at U.Va. was born. In this week's episode, Olivia details the thin line Swifties at U.Va. successfully walk to share their love of Taylor Swift while also fostering an inclusive and welcoming community.