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Letters To The Editor


BLACK DOT: What Martese's arrest means for us

In solidarity, we are wrestling with the devastating reality that our blackness is persecuted, beaten and tortured. No longer will we go unheard. No longer will we accept complacency with the status quo. We will not allow for the University to continue to operate under the erroneous presumption that race is no longer an issue.


Statement from Carter G. Woodson Institute faculty

Last week, we, the faculty, affiliates and fellows of the Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies at University of Virginia stood in shock and solidarity with those throughout the world who were deeply aggrieved and outraged by the decision of the grand jury in the case of Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson.


LETTER: Remembering Peter D'Agostino

Peter D’Agostino was one of the rare people who always gave more than he received. Despite facing more than his fair share of adversity, especially over the last few years, you could always count on him to greet you with a smile, a hug, and as much friendly conversation as you had time for.


LETTER: From the Z Society

We are adrift. We have faced tragedy upon tragedy. We have been asked to contend with the inexplicable, with the horrendous, and with the deeply unfair.


LETTER: Concerning our response to tragedy

We won’t recognize Connor the way we recognized Hannah, but if we truly want to make our community safer, we need to change that.One reason for the difference is that there is no hope for Connor like there was for Hannah when she went missing; until this weekend, and especially early in the search, we could believe that if we helped and hoped and pushed, maybe we would find her alive.


LETTER: A reminder to stay vigilant

I have read with interest the articles in The Cavalier Daily regarding the disappearance of Hannah Graham, in large part as the parent of a daughter who attended and graduated from the University and as an alumnus who is closely involved with working with undergraduates at the University.My daughter lived off-Grounds for three of her four years, including at the 14th street corridor where Hannah Graham was living, and my wife I continued to remain concerned about our daughter’s safety, reminding her regularly, I am sure to her annoyance, to be conscious of the need for personal security.


LETTER: A Realistic Eye

The University relies on its Community of Trust ? a “benefit” at the University that binds its students not to lie, cheat or steal ? to protect one another when we perceive something wrong.


LETTER: Don’t plead guilty

Every day in court, I see college students plead guilty to relatively minor crimes — trespass, public intoxication, urinating in public, possession of marijuana, shoplifting, writing a bad check, obstruction of justice, simple assault, etc.


LETTER: To counter terrorism

Constantly shifting security measures are considered a best practice among terrorism analysts precisely because they tend to thwart terrorist attacks in the short-term and force the bad guys to change tactics over the long-term.