Alex Yahanda


YAHANDA: Mind over medicine

The healthcare system should place patients’ well-being above all else. Sadly, when it comes to drug manufacturers, trying to reap additional profits can often supersede patient interests.

PARTING SHOT: Buying from the marketplace

My decision to write for The Cavalier Daily has enriched my time at the University more than I thought it ever would. It has provided for a greater learning experience than I have found in any one class.

YAHANDA: Jester-in-chief

Presidents should make tactful use of talk and comedy shows that have a large youth following

YAHANDA: Do unto others

The Cavalier Daily has recently published some articles that have garnered an abnormally high number of responses.

YAHANDA: The doctor wars

Websites that post anonymous reviews of physicians do not help individuals make better healthcare decisions

YAHANDA: De-thorning the STEMs

Letting students establish a baseline attraction towards science without the pressure of a cutthroat science class may show some that science is fascinating and worth studying.

YAHANDA: Brotherly hate

Individually suing Ross makes sense, but it is not necessary to blame Barry’s death on all 86 members of his fraternity.