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Elizabeth Katz

Speaking of The Cav Daily

MY FRIENDS never heard me breathe a word about The Cavalier Daily before my first article was published, but it is pretty much all they have heard from me since.

Adoption: another option

A quick glance at any bulletin board around Grounds gives a taste of University life: concerts, meetings, plays, lectures, the list goes on.

My baby love

Third-year Engineering student Jacosta Silvers has morning sickness, and she doesn't expect it to end any time soon.

No easy option

Sitting in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood, Megan sipped a cup of juice and ate peanut butter crackers.

Redefining girl power

Something seems amiss. At a school where 54 percent of the undergraduate population is female, why -- individual School Council elections aside -- did women comprise only 39 percent of candidates in the spring elections? A closer look at the numbers reveals a deeper problem in certain sections of the ballot.

For the very first time

When most students think of University Hall they think of Cavalier basketball, but yesterday the stadium drew a crowd for a far different reason: It was one of several local polling locations.

Indian summer

University students can find Stephanie Goodell teaching leadership skills in various capacities around Grounds, but over the summer, she was on the other side of the Atlantic, teaching leadership to a very different type of student.

Compassion & Understanding

Drug abuse and life-altering spiritual epiphanies often seem far from everyday life. Instead, they sell out theaters and are found on the shelves of popular bookstores.

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