Jane Winthrop


New additions to Tom Tom’s menu

The festival began with a focus on three tenets — music, art and innovation. This year, food has become a more integral part of the event.

VAS hosts Anthropology Week

Virginia Anthropology Society hosts Anthropology Week CIO looks to expand their presence on Grounds, spread love for Anthropology By Jane Winthrop The Virginia Anthropology Society at U.Va.

Getting to know your food

Since its inception in 2011, the Morven Kitchen Garden has thrived as a unique part of the University community.

A quiet transformation

Fourth-year College student Dylan Fogarty does not resemble the first year who arrived on Grounds in August of 2011.

A natural collaboration

After volunteering at Super Demo at the end of his first year — an event sponsored by the Tom Tom Founders Festival — third-year College student Daniel Willson did not anticipate becoming involved in HackCville and Tom Tom. The two prominent Charlottesville organizations would come to define his college career.