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Jessica Crystal

“Eating is ultimately a political act,” Politics Prof. Paul Freedman said.

Food for thought

College Advising Seminars - known as COLAs - are intended to build student-faculty relationships starting during students first year. A few COLA professors from various departments have chosen food as the focus for their introductory courses.

Peer Advising Family Network welcomes first-years

The Peer Advising Family Network, more commonly known as PAFN, is the first introduction to University life for many incoming Asian and Asian-American first-year students and transfers. The group reaches out to students even before orientation, hoping to ease their transitions into the University community.

	Third-year College student Eda Herzog-Vitto was nominated by her high school guidance counselor for the Jefferson Scholars program. Herzog-Vitto values the opportunities she has received through the scholarship, especially her participation in the Institute for Leadership and Citizenship.

Going debt-free: University Jefferson Scholars

By offering scholarships to incoming University students, the Jefferson Scholars Foundation aims to attract students who have exhibited Thomas Jefferson’s ideals of leadership, citizenship and scholarship — oftentimes bringing students to Grounds who would not be here otherwise.

	First-year College student Schuyler Ebersol published his first novel during high school and has gone on to write four additional novels.

Adversity unlocks hidden talent

First-year College student Schuyler Ebersol did not have a normal high school experience. For three years he was extremely sick, rendering him unable to walk or attend school. To fill his time, he began writing.

	Organizations on Ground hosted a film screening and discussion with a Peace Corps volunteer to teach students about the devastating effects of the AIDS epidemic.

Let’s face it

More than 35 million people in the world are living with HIV, including 1.1 million in the United States and 23.8 million in Africa.

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