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Kamala Ganesh

Cicadas invade Charlottesville

During the summer, Charlottesville was filled with more than just the normal sounds of perpetual construction and late-season Lawn streakers as the Brood II cicadas made a rare appearance along the east coast.

I want to hold your hand

To outsiders, the Virginia Affective Neuroscience Laboratory’s hand-holding study may seem like little more than a convenient means of landing a date, but Psychology Research Associate Lane Beckes said the research provides unprecedented insight into how relationships can regulate emotion and stress.

Battle of the bugs

Known for striking down hundreds on cruise ships and quarantining its victims in bathrooms, the latest strain of the infamous stomach bug, norovirus, has arrived.

Cruel to be kind?

For years now, controversy has surrounded the emotionally-charged subject of endotracheal intubation in cats, which takes place as a routine training procedure in the Medical School.

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