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Katie Dalton

Firsts, lasts and bests

FOUR YEARS ago, my life was all about firsts: first time away from home, first roommate, first college course. This year, all I can think about is lasts: last football game, last spring break, last final exam.

Cavalier Daily elects Almond next editor-in-chief

By the numbers, The Cavalier Daily's 113th election may sound like an exercise in inefficiency, as staff members spent 20 hours to fill 29 positions. But for newly elected Editor-In-Chief Brandon Almond, the day-and-a-half long election instead reflects the staff's intense dedication.

No Day But Today

Twenty-two years ago, Katie Couric walked down the Lawn to receive her degree in English from the University.

Yahoo! CEO to speak at fourth-year Valediction

Yahoo! Inc. CEO and University graduate Tim Koogle will return to Grounds this spring to address the class of 2001 at Valediction on May 19. The Graduation Committee, a sub-group of the Class of 2001 Trustees, selected Koogle from a long list of prospective speakers. "We started soliciting names from the class at large" through e-mails, said Committee Chairman Ade Patton. The e-mails yielded over 100 suggestions from fourth-year students, including athletes, celebrities and politicians.

Student falls from Lefevre dorm window

A male University student remained hospitalized yesterday after falling from a second-story window in Lefevre House Saturday, police said. He "was sitting on the windowsill ... and fell out," University Police Sgt.

Student wounded in skirmish outside local bar

A fourth-year University student was stabbed in the face with a broken beer bottle outside the Buddhist Biker Bar and Grill early Thursday morning, police said. Six individuals were involved in a fight around 1:55 a.m.

Observatory Hill dining hall set for year-long closing

University officials are in the process of choosing a contractor to complete the massive renovation project planned for Observatory Hill Dining Hall. O-Hill, the dining hall that serves most first years, is slated to close for almost a year during the renovation.

Honor grants appeal in cheating case

The Honor Committee granted an appeal May 4 to second-year Engineering student Patricia Gonzales, who was found guilty of cheating on an organic chemistry exam and was subsequently expelled from the University. Gonzales now will stand a second trial, probably next fall, Committee Chairman Thomas Hall said. Third-year College student Matthew Sachs, a teaching assistant in Gonzales' CHEM 241 course, initiated the charges and Gonzales was found guilty in an open honor trial -- the first open honor trial since Sept.

Newcomb director to leave position

Before Newcomb Hall Director Eddie Daniels took his position in 1995, the University's student center lacked an outdoor plaza and its dining hall dated to the 1950s. In 1997, the University completed a massive overhaul of the building, and Daniels worked to reestablish Newcomb as a vibrant center of student life -- a task he names as one of his best professional experiences. As Daniels prepares to leave his post this summer and take a position as director of campus activities at the University of Connecticut, he remembers fondly the work he has done in the last five years. "I have had a really good experience at U.Va.," he said.

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