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Kelly King

Under the Covers

I think there should have been a clause in the University's honor code to cover broken hearts. After all, the honor system is supposed to protect and prevent us from lying, cheating and stealing, isn't it?

The Esprit de Corps

Taking the road less traveled - that's what three recent University graduates did. In fact, they followed that road all the way to the far-off locations of Honduras, Romania and Bolivia on two-year programs in the Peace Corps.


RICHMOND Mark Earley is a family man. At 3:00 p.m. on Election day, Earley canvasses Short Pump Middle School with two of his sons.

Odds and Ends

You may have been tricked. You may have been bribed. You may even have been threatened or physically forced.

Odds and Ends

Conveying centuries of music through words and pictures can at times be a difficult task. Unless of course, you can actually hear the music.


Sirens blare. The horn sounds. Cars pull to the side of the road to escape the path of the unstoppable fire truck as it tears down Ridge Street and onto Jefferson Avenue.

Odds and Ends

Sexual assault education reaches out Have you ever wondered what the performances given by One in Four, an all-male sexual assault peer education group are all about?

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