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Monika Fallon

Study researches noninvasive treatment option for essential tremor

For people with the disorder essential tremor, simple tasks such as drinking water, writing or using utensils, can be the most difficult ones. Although the exact cause of the involuntary movements associated with with the condition are unknown, thalamotomy, or the purposeful erosion of a section of the brain, has proven successful in the past as a treatment. However, invasive brain surgery isn’t for everyone, which is why a team of scientists led by principal investigator and Neurology Prof. Dr. Jeff Elias has come up with a form of thalamotomy using magnetic-resonance guided focused ultrasound.

Back to School Stressors

For most college students, the end of a summer brings a flood of new sources of stress. Fall move-in means no more lounging on the beach, no more sleeping in, no more Orange is the New Black marathons and much more work.

Who runs the world? Girls

In 1990, 15 percent of all engineering bachelor’s degrees in the United States were awarded to women, according to statistics from the National Science Foundation.

Group brings awareness to cervical cancer, HPV prevention

January marks Cervical Health Awareness Month in the United States, an effort by the National Cervical Cancer Coalition to promote early cancer screenings and spread information about the Human Papillomavirus. In the past 40 years, cervical cancer has dropped from being the leading cause of death among American women, largely thanks to the increased number of women getting Pap tests.

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