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Radina Belberova

Area sees drop in Winter Break crimes

University and Charlottesville police officials saw a dramatic decrease in the number of reported crimes on Grounds and in surrounding neighborhoods this Winter Break compared to last year during the same period. The number of larcenies reported on Grounds decreased from 28 in December 2009 to 12 in Dec.

University scientists help locate new star

University astronomers analyzing images picked up by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer have helped confirm the discovery of a cool brown dwarf, a small star that is much cooler than our own sun. WISE, a satellite that was launched last December, monitors infrared light and encodes different wavelengths as different colors on images it takes of the universe.

Virginian voters approve all ballot initiatives

Three constitutional amendments regarding state tax and budgeting policies won the approval of voters across Virginia yesterday. The first initiative gives localities the authority to rule on property tax relief for elderly and disabled residents.

NIH funds study on med students

The National Institutes of Health awarded $1.275 million to University professors to conduct a study about the underrepresentation of minorities in biomedical research. About one-third of the United States' total population is comprised of minorities, whereas only 7 percent of biomedical researchers have such backgrounds, said Assoc.

Recycling hits gameday

This Saturday, the University will participate in the Game Day Recycling Challenge, a month-long competition at various colleges, to collect as many recyclables as possible during a home football game. Before the game, student volunteers will visit different tailgating areas and distribute plastic bags to participants, sustainability outreach coordinator Nina Morris said.

Honor may rid of student juries

[caption id="attachment_36580" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Honor Committee members discussed the possibility of getting rid of random student jury panels during trials at last night's meeting, which would ensure the presence of Honor Committee members on all trial juries.

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