Tiffany Morris


Polemic humor

Last weekend, I attended the highly touted Whethermen 64 improv comedy show and left the show very impressed.

Mending the military

The number of estimated gay troops in the United States armed forces is 65,000. The optimal number of openly gay troops under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is 0.

Misuse of politics

The Bowl Championship Series in college football has become something of a problem. It has been called unfair.

Nothing to sneeze at

Nearly two weeks ago President Barack Obama declared the swine flu pandemic a national emergency. To put this in perspective, recent past national states of emergency include the aftermaths of the Sept.

Education? In-Deed

Virginia's gubernatorial elections are just around the corner. Unfortunately, they may not be as exciting as last year's presidential election.

Sub-prime housing

Living in dormitories is a pretty significant college experience. Without a doubt, we have met some of our best friends because of our initial college living situations.

Dogs to rest

By now, we all know the Michael Vick story: he was convicted and served time on federal dog-fighting charges.

Practicing what they preach

In his wildest dreams, Thomas Jefferson probably never would have imagined a University with African-American students.