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Tyler DeBoard


If I had to state one main regret about my life, it's that

Friends in Firenze

My Winter Break was a recess like no other. It began as it has begun each and every year. I left for home, hurried but relaxed, as soon as the final exam booklet was pledged and handed in.

When the Goins gets tough

As a fourth-year student, the time has come for unapologetic nostalgia. The end of my college career is approaching and I find myself looking back at all of my great experiences.

The thrills of being scared

You know that kid who begs his parents to stay up and watch scary movies on television? He is fascinated by the frightening and prefers ghost stories to tales of knights and dragons?


It's no secret that I'm a movie fanatic. I dare not say how many screenings I've attended during the past year, but I can assure you that it's enough to earn my own intervention-style reality show. Movies are simply excellent.

My 22nd birthday

The word "birthday" just gets me excited. I'm enraptured by the celebration of another year of life and electrified by the diverse methods of celebrating.

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