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Willa Hancock

Since I was much younger, I found comedic relief in observing the dynamics of my Grammy and Grandaddy, an unlikely pair that complement one another in many ways and clash in others.

Understanding the meaning of a “better half”

In a slightly rarer moment, I watched as Grammy took Grandaddy’s hand, gently kissed it and smiled at him with adoration. He could barely see her, and she could barely hear him, but, as cheesy as it sounds, their love was more apparent to me than ever before. 

Writing for the present, and not because I feel as though I should write, will boast invaluable meaning in my future.  

Meaningless writing doesn’t exist

I hope to someday find myself in the same position as Bonnie, indulging in a dinner alone, yet not at all lonely — with a pen and paper, thoughts and memories flood our present, making it impossible to be alone when with yourself

As someone who considers myself to be a self-respecting person, I was curious and eager to hear what Didion had to say about such an expansive and important concept. 

What does it mean to have self respect?

It is often difficult to distinguish between living for others and living for oneself, and the guilt that comes with that distinction has proven crippling in some of my own life experiences.

Winger’s many contrasting yet uncommonly comparable characters embodied a compassionate feistiness that I was immediately drawn to emulate — she is universally captivating.

Debra Winger is a boss

The critical personal, societal and identity-oriented reflection that Debra Winger’s many roles have provoked within me is unparalleled. 

Next time you find yourself getting dressed to leave for the airport, I urge you to consider embracing a slogan t-shirt — they just might make someone awkwardly laugh or warmly relate. 

Stop and read the walking billboards

As is evident in my exploration of this simple airport outfit choice, the impact of a slogan t-shirt is tangible and leaves more of an impression than you may have imagined.  

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