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Fallen angel love story fails to take flight


Becca Fitzpatrick's debut novel Hush, Hush has several things going for it at first glance. First, the title - it rolls off the tongue and elicits mystery and darkness. Second, its intriguing cover art depicts a powerful moment of transmogrification from angel to fallen. Finally, supernatural romances are still "in," and publishers have announced that fallen angels are the next big thing for the Twilight teeny-bopper crowd that's starting to get bored with sparkly vampires.

In many ways, Hush, Hush is refreshing. The writing is mostly competent, which is surprising for a debut Young Adult author. Nora Grey, our protagonist, isn't instantly unlikable. The suspense on every page keeps the reader from having to deal with long sequences of unnecessary teenage drama. Additionally, Fitzpatrick's reinterpretation of the fallen angel is compelling, once we get past the first 300 pages.

Unfortunately, Hush, Hush never really quite reaches that level of intrigue like its cover art, proving sound the old adage "You can't judge a book by its cover."

Nora, who lives in the dull town of Portland, Maine, encounters the charming and sexy Patch during biology class in what could be the most clich

Published January 28, 2010 in tableau

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(12/31/69 7:00pm)

I completely disagree. I loved Hush, Hush because of the chemistry between Patch and Nora. I loved how Patch's feelings for Nora outweighed his desire to kill her - it nicley fits in with the saying 'Love conquers all.'

Yes, Patch stalks her, is creepy and is also a slight maniac, but the book is seen through Nora's eyes. She descibes him as dangerous, but we also know that he is irresistable to her. This leaves the protagonist in a climax; something which we all love.

I have to admit, some of this is very similar to Twilight (my original fave supernatural romance) but it has its own take on supernatural love.

I think Becca Fitzpatrick did a great job. I can't wait until the sequel Crescendo.

(12/31/69 7:00pm)

I also disagree. Hush, Hush was -in fact- a fantastic novel. It was extremely hard for me to put down. Every time I did so, it was with great reluctance.

Sure, it may follow the same, yet vauge, guidelines that Twilight took, but it is completely different on its own. So people need to stop comparing hot new books to Twilight...That discusts me. It's not called Twilight for a reason.

Hush, Hush had more to offer than a 'lovey dovey' couple. Okay, so maybe Patch went a little too far on occation, but that's the reason to love him. He is capable of being the crazy maniac and the annoying (yet extremely funny) sarcastic, but he is also the romantic who feels strongly for "His Angel".

Patch and Nora had undeniable chemistry. And the bad boy angel edge makes Patch all the hotter [sounding].

Personally, it was a great book. Mark your calenders for Crescendo. This series should most deffinetly be made into a movie franchise. I think it would do quite well.

(12/31/69 7:00pm)

[Okay, so maybe Patch went a little too far on occation, but that

(12/31/69 7:00pm)

Well, if anyone wants to be taken seriously, then learning to spell would be helpful, but we all make mistakes. As for Kristina, her phrasing did not mean that Patch was "abusive." In fact, he never really hurt her physically except maybe in one scene when his cover was blown. He only planted thoughts into her to scare her because he knew he could not hurt her, but she was also the one standing in the way of getting exactly what he wanted. I do not want to give anything away from those who have not read the book. I do disagree with the article as well, but I do admit that this book is as far from being a literary work of art. However, the book did drag me into the store. I could not place the book down which is not the case with Twilight series. True, at the time, Twilight was my obsession, but the book was hot and dry. Not too mention, even the movies focused too much on Bella's depression. Hush, Hush left you always guessing when and what Patch was going to do next and yes the ending may have been better, but it set the staged for the alreadt planned sequel. True, Nora's discovery of Patch being a fallen angel was not dramatic, but it was different and no what I expected. So Patch stalked Nora, but if you were in his position whould you not do the same. His mind was split into on whether he should love her or get what he wanted which he had wanted long before he even knew Nora. No offense to anyone, I rather see that, than him just walk away like Edward tried to do. Of course, as you read any book, there is going to be something that you don't like or whish it was done better, but chances are you would read it again even though you may claim to be not-obsessed.

I would love to see Hush, Hush be made into a movie, but if it becomes anything like the Twilight Saga, then I would be upset. There is a problem when the actors in Twilight admitted that they have not read the books. You can't act unless you know what you are talking about.

Anyway, I do endorse this book because I find it better than Twilight, but I fear that people are trying to connect it too Twilight because it has a similar plot. Even vampire diaries, which I had read long before Twilight came out, was turned into a tv series made to look exactly like Twilight with the same cheesy feel to it. Can't Hollywood make a movie based on the book and not use it for profit or the exploitation/obsession of the actors? I progressed too far off topic, but hopefully my point was made.

I also do believe that the book would be more intense, if it was told through Patch's mind. So, those who think the relationship was too creepy, can be thankful for the lack of details. I read the first chapter of crescendo, it looks awesome and the romance is definitely there. The summary also shows that it may be more action-packed, but we will have to wait and see.

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