Fallen angel love story fails to take flight


Becca Fitzpatrick's debut novel Hush, Hush has several things going for it at first glance. First, the title - it rolls off the tongue and elicits mystery and darkness. Second, its intriguing cover art depicts a powerful moment of transmogrification from angel to fallen. Finally, supernatural romances are still "in," and publishers have announced that fallen angels are the next big thing for the Twilight teeny-bopper crowd that's starting to get bored with sparkly vampires.

In many ways, Hush, Hush is refreshing. The writing is mostly competent, which is surprising for a debut Young Adult author. Nora Grey, our protagonist, isn't instantly unlikable. The suspense on every page keeps the reader from having to deal with long sequences of unnecessary teenage drama. Additionally, Fitzpatrick's reinterpretation of the fallen angel is compelling, once we get past the first 300 pages.

Unfortunately, Hush, Hush never really quite reaches that level of intrigue like its cover art, proving sound the old adage "You can't judge a book by its cover."

Nora, who lives in the dull town of Portland, Maine, encounters the charming and sexy Patch during biology class in what could be the most clich

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