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Marriage dispute

Roraig Finney's Opinion column, "What is love," (Nov. 22) was interesting, as he attempted to find a balance between how liberals and conservatives generally conceive of - or rather, have misconceptions of - marriage. I think it is important to consider how going to extremes may not be the best way to think about the role of marriage in society.

I thought it was ironic, however, that Finney comments on the misconceptions about marriage that liberals and conservatives have, yet he does not consider that his own views may also have misconceptions. I am not saying that his view that marriage is a way of maintaining control over individuals and maintaining social stability is incorrect; I am saying that there is not necessarily one "correct" way to view what the purpose of marriage is or should be.

This obviously complicates the debate over gay marriage even further, but I think it is another important aspect of the debate to consider.

Suzanne Spatz\nCLAS IV