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Swedish fashion blog inspires fun fashionistas

After a full day of boutique hopping, I settled down in my friend’s trendy New York apartment, winding down while browsing the BBC on my laptop. After some time, I stole a glance at my friend’s screen and saw something straight out of my wildest fashion fantasies — photos upon photos of girls dressed in beautiful, attention-grabbing outfits. This was my first glimpse at Carolines Mode, a fashion blog created by Swede Caroline Blomst to capture the street style of Stockholm.

In a world where fashion bloggers — or any kind of blogger for that matter — are a dime a dozen, what sets Carolines Mode apart is the site’s design. The main page, which includes style choices and suggestions ranging from clothing to makeup and jewelry, is incredible in its own right, but an array of tabs at the top of the page distinguish the blog further. These tabs include, but are not limited to: Loves It, Get the Look, Mode Man and, naturally, Carolines World, which directs viewers to a separate multimedia site. This external site is run by a variety of bloggers in collaboration with Blomst and is a medley of photos and videos with captions mainly in Swedish. Personally, I stick to the main page and one or two of the other tabs for my daily dose of fashion heroin — it’s really all you need.

Not only is the site a visual delight, but the way Blomst expresses her views on featured pieces in a perfectly short, sweet and to the point manner makes it particularly engaging.

In one photo of fire engine red stilettos, Blomst provides the caption, “Imagine these teamed with grey jeans. Check out Alessandra Ambrosio for inspiration. Yes, please! You’ll find them here.” These suggestions are then linked to pages where the clothing can be found. I can almost hear her childlike glee as she feverishly brainstorms ways to meld new pieces with the rest of her wardrobe.

The blog’s centerpiece, a “Look of the Day,” modeled by Caroline herself, is the epitome of chic. Provided your bank account can take the heat, these creative — yet practical — looks are able to be worn by any fashion lover. Traipsing through frigid Stockholm, Caroline has taught me that winter wear can be stylish too – layers and all. This is further evidenced in her “StreetStyle” page, which features various models photographed on the streets of cities Blomst visits in her quest to capture international style. Some of the subjects layer on the knits, while others brave the cold with only a statement coat protecting their outfit from the outside air.

Of course many of us are not models and must decide what trends will fit our particular body types and personalities. Carolines Mode gives you the inspiration you need to pick and choose for your body type, freeing readers from bad trends.