Sydney Bradley elected Student Council Vice President of Administration

Bradley to succeed Alex Cintron, who was elected Student Council President


Third-year College student Sydney Bradley won ___ percent of the University-wide vote for student council vice president of administration.

Courtesy Ty Zirkle

Third-year College student Sydney Bradley was elected Student Council Vice President for Administration Friday, winning 66.7 percent of the University-wide vote. Bradley has served on Student Council since her first year as a committee member, a committee chair and a College of Arts and Sciences representative.

She defeated third-year Curry student Al Ahmed, who received 33.2 percent of the vote. Ahmed was, however, elected Friday to represent the Curry Undergraduate School of Education on both the Honor Committee and University Judiciary Committee. 

Voter turnout in the race was at about 18 percent, according to data from the University Board of Elections. 

Bradley ran on a ticket with third-year College students Alex Cintron and Ty Zirkle, both of whom won the positions they were running for — Student Council president and Vice President for Organizations, respectively. Bradley will succeed Cintron in the position of Vice President for Administration. 

The Cintron-Bradley-Zirkle team ran on a 42-page platform of reforms for “an open University,” including a push for increases in merit-based scholarships, the provision of free feminine hygiene products and the development of a Police Safety Student Advisory Board to facilitate discussions between students and the University Police Department.

In a previous interview with The Cavalier Daily, Bradley expressed her passion for Student Council, but also her willingness to critique the system.

“To be VPA means to understand Student Council but also to have an understanding of it and make sure it is working properly and doing its best,” Bradley said. “I have an ardent care for Student Council, but it is not blind love. I have been critical of it in the past.”

Bradley said she hopes to improve communication within the council and actively engage with students. She also wants to further distinguish the role of Student Council as it relates to the student body and the University administration.

I think that we have tried to juggle those spheres of influence and through that let a lot of students down,” Bradley said. “Our job is to advocate for students, not to so easily echo the administration. Through that, action is going to be bringing students into meetings not as props but as people who belong in that room equally as I do.”

Bradley, Cintron, Zirkle and Student Council representatives will be sworn in March 30 at a ceremony in the Rotunda. 

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