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Top 10 reasons why electric scooters are a great addition to Charlottesville

These scooters are wheeling their way into our hearts

<p>&nbsp;In order to use a Bird or Lime, you first need to download one of their apps. &nbsp;</p>

 In order to use a Bird or Lime, you first need to download one of their apps.  

1. They are fast

Have you ever realized that walking just isn't your mojo? Need to get somewhere quickly? Consider renting an electric scooter — with the main player being the Lime scooters. These beefed-up Razor scooters zoom through the streets with a top speed of 15 mph. Now your walk between classes becomes an adventure of epic proportions as you zip around cars and become a hazard to all pedestrians.

2. They are convenient

In order to use a Lime, you first need to download their app. The app includes built-in maps, making these awesome sets of wheels extremely easy to find. Whether one is in the O’Hill lobby or snuggled up against the beloved UBikes, it is almost impossible not to have one within reach.

3. They are inexpensive

For a small starting payment around $1  — and per-minute charges of less than 25 cents — you can be cruisin’ with the squad on an electric scooter. This will barely hurt your wallet, and you can only pay with a card through the app. Bonus points if you use your parent’s credit card.

4. They are good-looking

Limes are real party pleasers. With the scooters’ promise of fast transportation and a good time, they are the center of attention. The distinct color schemes of each scooter evokes a different — and uniquely fun — feeling. The white and lime green color palette of Lime scooters is fun and light. A rider is sure to look awesome while having a great time on their own scooter. Tell me I’m wrong.

5. They are safe

Insanely bright LED headlights? Count me in! These electric scooters come equipped with night-lights on the front and back of the scooters, ensuring that your epic adventure is safely visible to other vehicles. Additionally, new Limes have status-lights, which indicate whether the battery is running low. The apps even let you leave feedback to ensure a safe and eventful journey for future riders. 

6. They are fun

Ever rolled up to a party on a Lime? There is nothing more fun than hitching a ride on one of these bad boys, and you’ll seem super cool if you pull up the driveway on a scooter. Take a friend for a spin on a tandem Lime! The more the merrier! 

7. They are powerful machines

Limes are the epitome of durability, and they seem to live very long and exciting lives here on Grounds. Their motors are reliable, and the wheels never fail to deliver the speed you desire. Unless their batteries are low  — that’s a different story.

8. They’re eco-friendly

Channel your inner eco-warrior by riding Lime scooters. These scooters are powered exclusively by electricity alone, making them zero-emissions vehicles. To the eco-conscious person out there, they really are a great way to travel while having a minimal effect on the environment.

9. You can make money

If you decide to become a “Juicer” for Limes, you can make some extra moolah from your dorm room or apartment  — if your dorm allows scooters inside, that is. Basically, Lime pays people to charge scooters overnight and place them back outside in the morning. Easy money! This will also lead to an interesting explanation as to why there is a Lime in your room.

10. They are the cornerstone of a new social movement

Haven’t you heard? Electric scooters are the way to travel these days. Large cities on both the east and west coast have been integrating them into the community over the past couple of years with some success — and some violent opposition. Want to be an example-setter, go-getter and a freaking awesome person? Give a Lime a try.