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Students convened at Yahweh Night to celebrate underrepresented forms of worship on Grounds

(11/18/19 4:51am)

When thinking about a church service, long rows of pews and lengthy sermons may come to mind. However, at Yahweh Ministries’ Yahweh Night event, students explored diverse forms of Chrisitan worship through community, dance, song and spoken word. About 100 people came together to celebrate Yahweh, meaning “God” in Hebrew, Friday night at Eunoia, a Christian event space located on Jefferson Park Avenue.

Luce is Charlottesville’s new go-to takeout authentic pasta place

(11/19/19 2:00am)

Luce is a cozy, hole-in-the-wall window to order fresh Italian pasta right off the Downtown Mall. I heard about Luce through some friends at the University who only had amazing things to say. Charlottesville has local takeout food options that hit almost every category such as Brazos Tacos, Roots’ salads, Bodo's Bagels, The Flat‘s crepes and more. However, a restaurant that specializes in takeout Italian pasta hadn’t existed as a local, affordable and easy meal option before Luce opened. 

FERGUSON: Virginians need to take their state back

(11/19/19 3:44am)

After the results for the General Assembly came in on Nov. 5, Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va., proudly declared that Virginia “is a blue state!” The Commonwealth — once a Republican stronghold — completed its lurch left as it handed legislative power to the Democratic party. With the Governor’s Mansion and General Assembly now under Democratic control, Virginians can expect sweeping changes to the Commonwealth’s laws and economy. 

LAWSON: Protect the independence of student media

(11/18/19 4:57am)

The Cavalier Daily ran a column earlier this month shedding light on the newspaper’s tumultuous path to financial and legal independence. The forgotten story details the organization’s rejection of then-University President Frank Hereford’s attempt to censor its coverage of persistent racial issues plaguing the University community in the late 1970s. As a result, The Cavalier Daily lost the majority of its financial and legal support and has continued to distance itself from the University as a benefactor ever since. 

New graduate class combining computer science, public policy and law to be offered starting Spring 2020

(11/26/19 5:29pm)

A multidisciplinary team of faculty will be launching a new graduate class in the spring 2020 semester that focuses on problem solving from three fields of expertise — computer science, public policy and law. The class, called Innovation in the Public Interest, will involve learning about the problems facing the intersecting space of technology, law and policy. Students will work in teams to solve problems given to them by project sponsors who will be government entities such as the Department of Defense.

A guide to the ultimate fall snack: Pumpkin seeds

(11/18/19 4:47am)

Thanksgiving looms around the corner, and the holiday festivities eagerly await their turn to replace autumnal leaves with mistletoe, apple picking with snowball fights. If you’re anything like me, you’ll miss the abundance of fall recipes that late November will bid farewell. But there’s no need to say goodbye yet — as long as you bought pumpkins for decoration and have an hour to spare, you already have the key ingredient for many last-minute fall treats. 

MSC holds event to encourage students of color to apply to Batten, McIntire

(11/15/19 6:13pm)

Current undergraduate students in the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy and the McIntire School of Commerce came to the Multicultural Student Center Thursday to talk to second-year applicants. The event, titled “Cake with Comm and Chattin’ with Batten,” provided an informal and comfortable venue for students of color to ask questions over cake and coffee. 

Curry School program hosts two day symposium on dialogue and democracy

(11/17/19 5:56pm)

On Wednesday, 75 people gathered at Alumni Hall to close out Youth-Nex’s program entitled “Dialoging for Democracy: Youth Moral Reasoning and Social Justice.” The two-day symposium invited researchers, policy makers, professors and students to discuss how to promote productive conversations about democracy and social justice.