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Behind Old Dorms, what was formerly known as The Castle has been rebranded as Za’atar at The Castle.

New eateries revive on-Grounds dining

Overall, I’m enjoying the new menus. While Za’atar and the Late Night menu may not be a step up for those without a meal plan, they’re good options for those who do have one, and everyone should stop by Rookie’s for a scoop. 

The basic idea is simple — students disrobe at the historical Rotunda steps facing Old Cabell Hall and run down the Lawn to the Homer statue before returning to the Rotunda to don their clothes and go home.

Hoos streaked the Lawn?

Nearly 90 years later, running naked down the Lawn has turned into a perhaps silly tradition that is widely recognized as part of the fabric of what makes the University unique. 

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Self-expression through fashion

My style doesn’t have to be accepted or understood by others. I find joy in how I choose to dress and connect with those who share the same love for clothes and creative expression as I do.

I see my braids not only as a practical style but also a celebration of my identity.

A tribute to my knotless braids

When I entered the braiding shop for the first time, it was with all this in mind. I was tired of attempting to change an intrinsic part of myself to cultivate a certain image that was more palatable to others. 

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