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Abby Curran

Time to check out

Oh come on, it's not as if you didn't expect it. That's right, of all the world's great thinkers, I've picked the Eagles to kick off my farewell to The Cavalier Daily -- because I can check out anytime I like, but I can never leave. Okay, I'll admit it.

News in Brief

Discussion addresses minorities in education Collegiate activists from across the country joined together to prove their commitment to achieving their goals "by any means necessary" this past weekend at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Members of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action and Integration and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary held their second national conference on what they consider the new civil rights movement. The conference focused primarily on issues facing minorities in education, including affirmative action policies in college admissions and funding shortages for public school teachers' salaries. In a Michigan Daily article yesterday, conference participants said that they are not fanatics or revolutionaries, but working to modernize and expand the fight for civil rights for all people. Conference attendees claimed capitalist corruption serves as the root of many social problems plaguing American society. "If we have to destroy some things, we'll destroy some things," University of Tennessee student Dumaka Shabazz said in the Michigan Daily. Students from the University, University of Kentucky and the University of Cincinnati attended the event. Psychologists join law professors in conference The University's Center for Children, Families, and the Law will host a conference on resolving child custody disputes Feb.

University adds new programs abroad

Students may now receive the same credit for studying on the southern tip of Africa as they can sitting in a classroom in New Cabell Hall. The International Studies Office recently finalized five new study abroad programs for this summer - Morocco, St.

University works to implement Virginia 2020

Although the Virginia 2020 commission reports mapped out sketches for the University's next 20 years, certain targeted areas may feel effects in the very near future. According to University Provost Gene Block, the Public Service and Outreach commission recommendations will issue a reformed report within the next two to three months, focusing on recommendations the University can realistically implement over the next five years. University President John T.

City passes new living wage ordinance

Charlottesville residents earned another victory in the ongoing living wage campaign Monday night, as City Council approved an ordinance guaranteeing certain contracted employees a salary of at least $8 per hour. The ordinance, which passed Council by a vote of 4-1, applies to employees of certain large city contractors.

City police charge man in bank robbery

Charlottesville police charged Linwood Eugene Hughes with the robbery of the Branch Banking and Trust Bank on the corner of Alderman and Ivy roads yesterday, marking the second bank robbery in the area in less than two weeks. Hughes, 31, entered the BB&T bank shortly before 1 p.m.

Grant funds K-12 technology training

Kids may know more about computers than do their teachers and administrators, but a new program associated with the Education School could change that. The Education School is one of four recipients of a $7.2 million grant, partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to train kindergarten through 12th-grade school superintendents and principals throughout Virginia to use technology in education. The Gates Foundation, run by the Microsoft tycoon and his wife, offered each state a $3.6 million challenge grant for technology training.

New director to take over Newcomb Hall

After looking over a year, University officials turned their search westward for a new director of Newcomb Hall. Bill Ashby, who now serves as director of business services at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, will begin his new job Oct.15.

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