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Chris Yeung

Remembering shining Virginia sports moments

Enough with the romanticization, myth-making and heartless criticism. Let me tell you how I really feel. I've watched Virginia athletics through the eyes of a fan, a writer and a critic over the past four years.

Mason may leave, but Cavs not quite dead

Quick. Somebody pinch Pete Gillen. Make sure he knows this isn't just a bad dream. On Monday, Gillen's right-hand man and star guard decided to leave the Virginia men's basketball team for more profitable careers.

New season, same old New York dominance

This weekend, baseball fans will make pilgrimages to the hallowed grounds of Wrigley, Shea and even the stadium formerly known as Enron to watch the boys of summer start their regular season.

Cavs must show heart on defense to make NCAAs

While the rest of us bake in the warm beachfront sun, enjoy European vacations and relax in familiar household surroundings, the men's basketball team will be fighting to extend their season deep into March, well after our Spring Break has ended.

Virginia sports beyond U-Hall

By now, everyone knows that the Dukies are riding into town to close out a trying home season for the Virginia men's basketball team tonight. Hooville finally will live up to the hype, causing empty seats to be as hard to find as Keith Jenifer's three-point game. But never fear, Cavaliers.

Baseball's major league mess

Oil up those gloves, lace up those cleats, it's time for some baseball! Pitchers and catchers reported to training camp this week, but there was no shortage of curveballs thrown during the offseason. As always, big trades dominated baseball headlines.

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