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Evan Vahouny

Pot-luck possessions

In recent years, the decriminalization of marijuana has generated widespread support, and states have begun to use this policy to balance budgets and allocate resources.

Burning bridges

Although freshman GOP Senator Marco Rubio rode a wave of young support to gain a seat in 2010, his lack of experience may be starting to become more evident. On June 30, in a Senate subcommittee hearing on Democracy in the Americas, Rubio referred to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez as a "clown" and compared elderly leaders in Cuba to "Jurassic Park." Although his remarks may appeal to a more active, young electorate in the United States, these comments may have a different effect outside the nation's borders. At a time when the United States is engaging in multiple military hostilities, facing a $14.6 trillion national debt and competing with rapidly growing nations such as China and India, we must be more careful than ever in maintaining our diplomacy when addressing other countries.

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