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​Court ruling may impact scholarly use of copyrighted works

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit revoked the quantitative benchmarks previously used in determining what constitutes “fair use” of copyright material Friday — a decision which could have implications down the road for colleges and universities and their use of electronic resources.
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What Jameis Winston tells us about Virginia athletics

As a University student committed to the Honor Code and a longtime Cavalier sports fan who has seen her fair share of player dismissals, it seems odd to me that Winston would continue playing despite his troubled past and the new allegations against him.
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Challenging the phrase “boys suck”

I’ve said “boys suck” more times than I can count. Whether trying to ease the situation of a friend or making myself feel better, sighing and moaning the phrase always seems to do the trick.
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Spectrum Theatre gets “Closer” to the edge

Spectrum Theatre is making waves in the University's theatrical community. This fall, Spectrum has chosen to produce a minimalist, modest play titled “Closer” by Patrick Marber.Described by its director as a show about “portraying sex in our modern world,” Spectrum’s production quietly seethes and churns with intense raw performances and a graphic, sexually explicit script.
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Without a home

If having permanent housing will improve health, the homeless who are given apartments would be more likely to get back to work, and will eventually not need their rents subsidized.
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