Cuccinelli issues opinion on abortion clinics

Proposed regulations could add to financial pressures facing abortion facilities

Virginia Attorney General and University alumnus Ken Cuccinelli declared Monday that the state has the authority to regulate abortion clinics in a legal opinion.

Cuccinelli asserted that the state has the right to such oversight so long as the regulations uphold the constitutional limitations set forth by the United States Court of Appeals and Supreme Court in cases such as Roe v. Wade.

Many state legislators, including Cuccinelli when he was a state senator, have proposed bills that would have forced reproductive centers to meet the standards of an outpatient surgical hospital, but the General Assembly has rejected similar motions in the past. Cuccinelli's opinion, should it lead to stricter regulation, may potentially circumvent the legislature and simply go before the Board of Health, and in turn, affect the operations of abortion clinics across the state.

"It would have some far-reaching effects on centers," said David Nova, vice president of Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Inc., adding that the measure would be "prohibitively expensive in some cases."

Many women's health centers worry that if more stringent guidelines are enacted, as many as 17 out of the 21 clinics in Virginia will be forced to close because of a lack of funding to meet new state requirements. The University Health System, meanwhile, is still evaluating what the ruling could mean for its operations, said David Foreman, public relations coordinator for the Medical School.\n"Until we get guidance from the Board of Health, then we won't know," Foreman said.

The Charlottesville Health Center actually was built to incorporate the architectural standards of an outpatient surgical hospital, Nova said, in anticipation that government officials would impose sweeping new regulations on Planned Parenthood.

Isaac Wood, media relations coordinator for the Center for Politics, said he was not startled by the news.

Cuccinelli "is certainly vocally pro-life," Wood said. "If people are still surprised by how active he is as an attorney general, then they probably haven't been paying attention."

Two members of the Virginia state legislature, however, have petitioned the attorney general for his opinion on whether the state has the ability to impose regulations on abortion clinics. Some legislators have also seen Cuccinelli's action as an extreme application of his personal views.

"It is frightening to think of what Cuccinelli will do next," said Del. Adam P. Ebbin, D-Alexandria, the House minority whip. "The public needs to understand how reckless he is. He is not working on what is important to Virginia consumers. Instead, he is focusing on his own extreme ideology."

Regardless, Brian Gottstein, a spokesman for the attorney general's office, said Cuccinelli's legal opinion reflects a thorough review of existing laws and relevant court decisions.

"He is required by law to research the legal question and reply with an official legal opinion," Gottstein said.

Published August 25, 2010 in News

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(08/25/10 8:43pm)

Glad I live in North Carolina now. I hate to think that the governor of Va. went to Pat Robertson U.

(08/30/10 6:58pm)

Tyler Deboard,

If you had endeavored to give a fair airing of the other side of this issue other than your own, you would have given it more attention than one, final sentence. You might also have included a far more relevant quote issued by our Attorney General's spokesperson Mr. Gottstein that is much more pertinent to the issue at hand than the one you chose, such as this one:

"The state has long regulated outpatient surgical facilities and personnel to ensure a certain level of protection for patients. There is no reason to hold facilities providing abortion services to any lesser standard for their patients."

Even if we pretend just for a moment that you, David Nova, or Adam Ebbin can arbitrarily and unscientifically remove the humanity of as yet unborn infants to facilitate their dismemberment and disposal - I will still suggest to you that ensuring that their mothers get the best, highest quality care in the most modern facilities and capable medical staff is not an 'extreme ideology.' When I hear people say that there are some things left that both sides of this issue can agree on, I think of times like this where it's still not true. I'm also a bit curious how an Attorney General who ran on these issues quite frankly and was elected by a historic landslide just a year ago can now be accused as having such 'extreme' views.

Your use of the term "reproductive centers" is a bit humorous given what they do inside of them, but perhaps you or one of the other fellows you quoted in this article can explain why it is that you believe that women getting an elective abortion that can have severe complications should still be getting them in substandard facilities staffed by personnel who may not be at the top of their game. Better stated, what it is about an abortion that makes any of you suddenly consider the health and well being of the woman purchasing one less important than that of a woman getting, say, cosmetic surgery?

And why are any of you presenting the idea that bypassing safety standards and medical expertise is suddenly something we should all be striving for - as long as abortions are involved? Women often travel hours away to have an abortion in a city where nobody knows them, so I don't think access is much of an issue. Besides, Charlottesville already is teeming with three human slaughterhouses - one of which can be found inside your own UVA hospital - and only the oldest and smallest of these three would be threatened by these new minimum levels of medical care and physical plant that other outpatient clinics already have to adhere to.

Ying Chen, Alexandra Nunez, and Laura Hope Smith have had their unplanned funerals happen just after their child's destruction in just the last two years, taking their place alongside Holly Patterson and hundreds of others whose complications from their abortions ended their own lives quite suddenly also. And that is not even counting the women lost to suicides, breast cancer, and substance abuse years after their abortions. These are real women who died very real deaths in abortion clinics just recently.

Although these are not the stories you see covered in the media, they still beg the question as to whether this is the time to ensure anew that elective abortions continue to be performed in substandard facilities by substandard staff. Or is it perhaps a better idea to ensure that women getting abortions are given at least the same quality care as those getting liposuction?

I realize that Mr. Cuccinelli's reasons for giving this opinion to the State Medical Board probably have more to do with his view of human rights that the common sense rationale I have spelled out above, but intentions do not negate the positives in making these clinics be up to spec if they are going to perform such a difficult and dangerous procedure - especially an unnecessary one. I also realize that those profiting from these procedures would very much like people to think that elective abortions are just harmless and routine for the mother - but none of the medical, scientific facts back up such absurd claims.

In the end, this isn't about science, nor is it about protecting the health and well being of anyone. This is about politics, isn't it? You mentioned that there have been a series of bills that have been unable to make it through the state legislature to be signed into law by Governor McDonnell. This is true. Many have been authored by State Delegate and human rights activist Bob Marshall. One tried to make it a crime to coerce a woman into having an abortion she did not want to have. Another simply wanted to require that abortion providers actually inform their patient of the preterm birth link and birth defects that may lay in store for her future children on the consent form. But these and other bills, although passed by huge bipartisan majorities in the State House of Delegates, have been repeatedly killed in Committee by only 11 State Senators before they could reach the Senate floor for a vote. We have these notorious state senators listed on our website at the lower right here:

(12/26/10 7:41pm)

You don't need hearing loss to be unable to hear Tyler DeBoard's response to the question of what makes an abortion suddenly make womens health of les of a consideration than liposuction. Confront the killing lobby with facts and science, and they'll always run away. They have nothing else to go with.

Many of these folks still somehow celebrate Christmas also! LOL. I guess they have to celebrate the "Immaculate third trimester viability, but only if Mary decided He was wanted," and the "worthless clump of cells/parasitic tumor" leaping in Elizabeth's womb when the other "worthless tumor" entered his mother's home just a few days after being "well, uh, I don't want to talk about it"

(01/28/11 6:07pm)

The gruesome reality of what happens when abortion clinics are allowed to do whatever they want, and adhere to no minimum of medical rules or oversight, is now on display in the grand jury indictment of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. These 7 murders will, of course, get ZERO coverage in the Cavalier Daily. But it is a sobering reminder of how necessary our Attorney General's regulations here in Virginia are an absolute, urgent necessity.

The details, largely ignored by the national media also:

"West Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell routinely delivered live babies in the third trimester of pregnancy, then murdered them by "sticking scissors into the back of the baby's neck and cutting the spinal cord," according to the Philadelphia District Attorney.

One newborn who weighed almost six pounds was so big "the doctor joked . . . this baby 'could walk me to the bus stop.'"

Those are among the jaw-dropping details - complete with photographs - in a 260-page Grand Jury report released Wednesday that charges Gosnell, 69, with the murder of a patient and seven live infants."

(01/31/11 8:47pm)

Here we go again...

Another story that neither Tyler DeBoard nor the Cav daily will cover, of course:

Hey! Who wants to sign up for an "intercardiac injection of medicine!" The bodies can be removed and disposed of elsewhere, by someone who actually still has a medical license..

NOTE: These ghouls running around NJ, MD, DC, and PA sure seem to avoid Virginia like the plague - don't they? There's a reason for that. They fear Ken Cuccinelli, and with good reason.

Anyone notice that Ms. DeBoard has not cared to defend her own position yet? =o)

(02/03/11 3:29am)

Wow, it's been quite a week for news regarding the "don't bother with giving abortion clinics any oversight" idea.

First, Dr. Kermit's staff admits to playing with newborn babies, before killing them with scissors..

Then that ghoul in DC decides he'll just start injecting "medicine" into the poor little thing's hearts - and the former mom can go get rid of the little bastard elsewhere..

Now, we have our tax money ($300 MILLION a year!) going to Planned Parenthood - so they can pimp out our 14 year old girls!

\nGee, why on earth would an abortion facility need any oversight?

That's it for today's issue of "News you won't see covered in the Cavalier Daily"

(02/04/11 7:59pm)

Planned Parenthood in Charlottesville aiding and abetting a child prostitution ring:

Oops. They did it. Again..

Who wants to bet that our tax money going to help pimp out 14 year old girls right here in Charlottesville will be of no interest to the Cavalier Daily staff?

(02/06/11 8:07pm)

Albemarle police Sgt. Darrell Byers said Friday, February 4 that he knew of no one in his department who ever received information about the fake patient at the Planned Parenthood facility on Hydraulic Road. The video was recorded January 11th.

Penalties in federal law for aiding and abetting child prostitution and trying to share in the profts therefrom are ten years to life in federal prison. So if you're heading up to PP on Hydraulic this week to get your monthy dose of lies and misinformaytion, I suggest you don't ask to see Samantha. She probably will be "out sick"

(02/08/11 7:04pm)

Day 7 of the Cav Daily's cover up of Child Prostition rings being aided and abetted by Planned Parenthood on Hydraulic road in Charlottesville. This article was generated following an email from Yours Truly:

And, oh, they did it....AGAIN!

Then as now, Cavalier Daily staff have no interest in local health care workers trying to pimp out 14 year old girls, and share in the profits of child sex trafficking.

(02/09/11 12:40am)

"Day 7 of the Cav Dailys cover up of Child Prostition rings being aided and abetted by Planned Parenthood on Hydraulic road in Charlottesville."

If there is no child prostitution ring, then there is no crime that can be aided and abetted.

Besides, I am pretty sure any UVa student who wanted an abortion wouldnt go to that clinic. Why wouldn't they just go to the one at UVa hospital (I think there is one there)? If this took place there then I'm sure Cav Daily would have covered it.

(02/09/11 12:46am)

LiveAction doctored videos, apparently.

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