Mock Trial embraces summer recruitment

Group avoids rush of fall semester advertising

Virginia Mock Trial is implementing some unorthodox recruiting methods this fall. While most student groups begin recruitment efforts at the start of the semester, Mock Trial began advertising at summer orientation.

“We can only take new members right at the start of the year, so we want to make sure as many people as possible hear about us,” said Mock Trial President Ben Constine, a second-year Batten student.

Associate Dean of Students Marsh Pattie said though CIOs are permitted to advertise in the summer, the advertising is probably not as effective as recruiting during the semester.

“Summer orientation is already so full,” Pattie said. “Incoming students are particularly focused on registering for classes and learning how to navigate the University.”

Mock Trials efforts this summer, Constine said, were effective for the group.

“We’ve had a fair number of people who don’t have [another] connection [to the group] emailing us during orientation,” Constine said. “Kids don’t necessarily reference seeing us on a poster at orientation.”

Constine said other groups with more flexibility likely could wait until the Student Activities Fair.

“CIO advertising would, I fear, get lost in the shuffle and be an unnecessary drain on the group’s limited resources,” Constine said.

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