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Gore crushes Bradley, Bush leads GOP pack

Vice President Al Gore (D) won a strong victory over former Sen. Bill Bradley (D) in last night's Iowa caucases for the Democratic Presidential nomination, coming in with 64 percent of the votes to Bradley's 35 percent.

Texas Gov. George W. Bush led the Republicans with 43 percent of the vote, while Steve Forbes trailed with 30 percent, a stronger showing than predicted by polls.

Allen Keyes came in third with 13 percent, beating fellow Republicans Gary Bauer, John McCain and Orrin Hatch, who all received vote percentages in the single digits.

Ninety-five percent of the returns were in at press time.

McCain, who is tied with Bush in the New Hampshire polls, did not actively campaign in Iowa, choosing instead to spend most of his time in New Hampshire preparing for the Feb. 1 primary.

Larry J. Sabato, government and foreign affairs professor, said there was no ambiguity about Gore's success.

However, he said the results would not bring the end to Bradley's campaign.

"A candidate does not drop out until his money runs out - and Bradley has a lot to spend," he added.

Bush's margin of victory is great enough to meet expectations, but not high enough to winnow out major challengers such as Forbes, Sabato said.

He said the caucus voting process helped the Republican challengers because their voter base is ideologically more intense and not as likely to be turned away from voting by the lengthy caucus process.

Melissa Huhn, Students for Gore coordinator at the University, said Gore's victory was "fantastic" and hoped it would portend a good showing in New Hampshire, which may be a tougher race.

Adam Green, University Students for Bradley president, said Bradley did better than any past underdog challenger.

"He has exceeded all historic expectations - what more can you ask for when campaigning against a vice president?" Green said.

On the Republican side, College Republicans Chairman John Blair said Forbes had a good day, but Keyes was the candidate that made news.

Forbes Campus Coordinator Andrew Woodson said the results also are encouraging for the Forbes campaign.

"I think his message applies to a wide base of individuals," Woodson said.


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