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LOTL Poem: An Ode

‘Twas the moment of LOTL and all down the Lawn

the students were stirring hot chocolate made strong

The mob, it applauded — it cheered and it roared

As singers concluded a capella song #44

Now, in silence, students started to murmur

They knew what was coming–voices rose to a fervor

What better way could they finish the night

Than with a rave on a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

The lights would flash, the glow sticks would fly

There would be some sick pics from a drone flying by

But then the students remembered something and groaned

The rave wouldn’t start until after the poem.

They knew what was coming — there wasn’t a question

Of what the lighthearted poem would be sure to mention

Jokes on each class, current events, maybe encouraging voters

When students just wanted bright lights and Chainsmokers.

Fourth-years begrudgingly listened one last time

While first years strained to hear each clever rhyme

One turned to another, shocked, and started to grin

“I think Dean Groves just said something about Trin!”

Yes, indeed, the Dean would make reference

To all sorts of things students treated with reverence

Yet beneath the event was a truth much less pleasant:

Lighting of the Lawn also occurred August 11th

But look! Atop the Rotunda, secret society symbols ignite

IMPs, Zs, and 7s – who wouldn’t be inspired?

All the work that they do, the letters and donations

Even public declarations that ‘We must defeat racism.’

I supposed none of them have checked Facebook of late

And seen the ads for groups intended solely to hate

It can’t be denied, there remains ‘White Power’ banter 

Hopefully next year the 7s hang a bigger banner.

Also, while we stand here on the Lawn

Waiting for the end of the poem, always too long

Have you ever thought about the fact that the University endorses and even sponsors 

anonymous groups that have clout over student life and even administrators? 

Blah blah blah blah, something something alligators.

And what the hell’s up with how normal this feels?

We had Nazis here like three and a half months ago. Eels.

And don’t get me started on the Bicentennial celebration

As U.Va. paraded fake student protestors with fake banners across the stage to celebrate 

the tradition of protest, U.Va. arrested three real student protestors with real banners 

actually continuing that tradition. What kind of institution is that? What kind of bullsh–

Give me a second.

Alright, I’m back, with much stronger eggnog

F–k it, whatever, let’s sing the Good Ol’ Song

Bring out the drone, play the generic pop-rock hit

As long as we’re here, the Lawn may as well be lit.