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A “Glee” full finale

Warning: This review contains spoilers. Fox’s high school musical dramedy, which was a brief but intense phenomenon six years ago, finished its episodic run to a fractional audience Friday with two back-to-back episodes, “2009” and “Dreams Come True.” “2009” was an hour-long flashback detailing the personal journeys that led to the club’s creation while “Dreams Come True” was a flash-forward, where everyone gets what they want and then some. Is the two-part “Glee” finale worth watching, though?


J. Roddy Walston & The Business works up The Jefferson

Following an impressive display from opening act Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas, J. Roddy Walston & The Business — a band consisting of four men sporting similar long hair and beards — appeared on a rustic stage at The Jefferson Theater last Thursday.


“The Royals” is a royal mess

“The Royals,” the first scripted show from the E! Network, capitalizes on the American craze over British royalty and can best be described as a British version of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” While this premise has the makings of a great guilty pleasure, “The Royals” has struggled to find its footing and fails to live up to its campy, melodramatic potential. The show centers around a fictionalized version of the royal family, headed by matriarch Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), who struggles to balance her royal duties with her role as a mother.


A conversation with expert narrator Barbara Rosenblat

Barbara Rosenblat was prominently featured as Miss Rosa in the latest season of the Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black.” What fans of the show may not realize, though, is that Rosenblat is one of the most popular and respected audiobook narrators in the country.

Latest Podcast

Today, we sit down with both the president and treasurer of the Virginia women's club basketball team to discuss everything from making free throws to recent increased viewership in women's basketball.