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Kyle Canady

Student performances of "The Black Monologues" will continue this weekend.

"​The Black Monologues" continues to excel

“The Black Monologues” is a performance like no other. The actors’ and actresses’ performances were impeccable, blurring the line between reality and fiction with the depictions of stories told throughout the play.

“Mafia 3” has a large amount of content, with some players taking over 20 hours just to beat the main plotline — this is perhaps the one highlight of the game.

The “Mafia" mess

2K Games’ latest entry into the Mafia franchise has problems on the Xbox One — a lot of problems.

"Finding Dory": A sequel for the next generation

Disney Pixar’s newest film, "Finding Dory,” hit theaters June 17. The eagerly awaited sequel to "Finding Nemo" will entertain fans; however, the film has its shortcomings and should certainly be the last in the series.

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