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Music's prodigal 'Sons' return

When Mumford & Sons released their single “I Will Wait” — aptly named for fans who struggled through a three-year musical dry spell from the group — in early August, they coupled it with a YouTube video showing a random street passing under the camera’s eye.


Perks of being a moviegoer

Let’s start with a social experiment: Take the next five people you encounter on the street and ask one question: “Was ninth grade a fairly awkward year for you?” If these folks had a freshman experience like mine, I’d bet their responses would consist of a rushed affirmation and fits of laughter after visualizing the dorks, geeks, dweebs or complete misfits they were so many years ago. The reason this reviewer blatantly refuses to partake in the common U.Va polos-and-khakis dress code is because in 2008, that uniform stuck to his skin five days a week.


'Awakened' has us 'dying' for more

Since the 2007 release of An Ocean Between Us, the Grammy-nominated quintet As I Lay Dying has become one of the crusaders of melodic metalcore, a subgenre whose decline has been marked as its former champions experiment with other brands of metal.


'Looper': Thrown for a loop

If you are looking for a non-threatening piece of pop entertainment, do not go see Looper. But if you want a challenging and morally ambiguous film that happens to involve time travel, this is just what you’re looking for.


Fall 2012 Movie Preview

Apart from a few instant classics such as 21 Jump Street and The Dark Knight Rises, most of 2012’s movie crop has been about as successful as Rick Perry’s presidential campaign.